This morning I started to get out of bed but quickly lay back down–because a doe was grazing right outside our window. I watched her for several minutes as she slowly grazed and then walked into the forest. I wished I had my camera, but it was in the other room and I was afraid any movement would scare her off. I guess I’m going to have to start taking my camera to bed with me at night.

EJ and I had several errands to run this morning. First we stopped at a little bank in a nearby town to open a checking account. We wanted a closer bank for our day-to-day business because it’s too time-consumer to go to our other bank which is has no nearby branches.

After the bank, we stopped at the small lumber/hardware store to pick up the step ladder and paint for our kitchen that they had ordered for us. The guys who work there are friendly and–it’s hard to describe–but I could see them as characters in a TV series. Maybe a show like Newharta 1982-1990 in which Bob Newman played a character who bought and ran an inn in Vermont. I’m not saying that the guys at the lumber yard are hicks or anything like that–because they aren’t–but they seem to me to have a lot of charming character with a good dose of humor that make them interesting.

After the lumber store, we made a quick stop at the little grocery store and then headed for home. I rejoice in the fact that our daily errands take us past the most beautiful scenery ever!

I made lunch and then the guys headed for work. Because we had to run errands this morning, we didn’t get to do our mailbox run, so after the guys left Danny and I walked down to the bottom of the hill and then ran up it. I made a video of our run. We can’t yet run for very long stretches, but I’m determined that someday we will be able to run the whole distances!

After our walk/run/walk, I spent the rest of the evening putting things away. I focused on the library today. Mostly my work involved sorting and putting away papers and pencils and other doodads in the desk.

Tomorrow morning is JJ’s first appointment with his new oncologist. Ugh. I’m really dreading the drive because I’ve only driven to the grocery store and the oncologist is an hour away through the terrible traffic in the Emerald City. Hopefully Viki, our GPS, will get us there and back again in one piece.

One Comment on “Running

  1. It is a whole forest up there so very beautiful , who needs a car just take a horse and buggy and drive just as calmly as you can 🙂 It is just another world so very beautiful and I’m so very happy for you, Ofcourse Vikki will bring you to the Emerald city and the right place. Just listen to her and it will be okay. You have really made the right choice . I loved the video. And one day you’ll both will be running from the mailbox to the top just like that ❤


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