Saruman’s Spies

EJ had some physically difficult days at work this last week, and he was utterly exhausted, so I have encouraged him to rest this weekend.

Yesterday I made challah bread for the first time in a long time, and I fixed a beautiful Shabbat meal for us.

We have discussed finding a Messianic congregation to attend. I have heard that there are some in the area, but finding them is difficult. When I was still in the south, I had bookmarked one to check out but when I clicked on the link it said “page not found.” I could call the number for it, but I’d rather check them out online first–because I’d rather know more or less what they believe before I contact them. So I googled (or rather, “Binged”) “Messianic Congregations” in our area. I emailed one on the results list and asked for more information and got the reply “We are located in Oregon,” which made me feel rather stupid and to laugh at myself. I looked at a map to see where another promising one was located, and it was in Pennsylvania. What I didn’t find was a congregation in my area, which is frustrating because why does the search engine take me around the country when I specify the exact area I want?

This morning I videotaped some crows making a ruckus outside. I rather like the crows that hang around our property. I’ve read that they are extremely intelligent birds, which I find interesting. I think their strong “caws” are a strong counterpoint to the gentle singing of the other birds. Here is the video that I took. I was hoping to capture a group of them flying overhead, but most of them stayed among the trees:

Imagination makes life interesting
Imagination makes life interesting

I think that having a vivid imagination is a lot of fun because it makes common things into epic adventures: Whenever the crows fly overhead, I don’t merely see a group of birds making a lot of noise. Instead, I can’t help but imagine the crows are Saruman’s spies from The Lord of the Rings and I always have a very strong desire to hide.

After JJ left for work this afternoon, EJ and I walked down to the mailbox for our mail. Getting the mail was only our excuse. Mostly we were walking to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Usually Danny waits for us at the top of the driveway, but today he followed us all the way down. Our cat Tesla also walked with us. I always feel as if I am in a fairy tale when the animals walk with us through the Enchanted Forest.





One Comment on “Saruman’s Spies

  1. That’s a really long walk to get your mail 🙂 But beautiful it is. And you have to make EJ a new costume because with his stick he’ll be just like Abraham or Moses I can see him in clothes that are just like they had 🙂 ❤


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