Shortly after I finished writing my previous post, EJ and I decided that the day was so lovely that we would go for a drive.  JJ was working, but we took Danny with us.

Jurassic ParkWe went for a long drive, enjoying winding our way along beautiful shoreline, forests, valleys, and acres of cherry orchards. At one point we passed a property surrounded by very tall fencing. EJ said, “I wonder what’s in there?” I exclaimed, “Oh! oh! I know! There’s dinosaurs in there…like in Jurassic Park!” We eyed the fence with apprehensive eyes after that. Oh, so we can’t help it. We are a family of storytellers.


We ended up driving through a town so magically cute that I exclaimed, “This town looks like it belongs in a fairytale!” So I decided to nickname it “Storybrooke” after the name of the town in the ABC series “Once Upon a Time.” (We prefer not to give our actual location on the Internet so we give places descriptive names).  I videoed the town as we drove through it, but it was impossible to digitally capture it’s cuteness. I guess you have to be there to experience it.

Storybrooke is located on the coast of a large lake. We parked the Buggy and walked to the beach where Danny had a wonderful time in the water. He made me laugh because he was so very determined to go where he wanted that it was difficult to persuade him to go a different way.  Fortunately, we usually wanted to go the same way.

Yesterday afternoon EJ and I went for another drive, but this drive was more purposeful  than wandering. We first stopped at the library to return my book. We figured the library would be closed–which it was–but we thought that I could put the book in the bookdrop. I couldn’t because the bookdrop container was apparently locked. Oh, well. The we drove to a few car dealerships because EJ is still looking for an inexpensive four-wheel drive vehicle that will handle winter driving up here in the North.

In the last few days we have had the hottest weather that we’ve experienced since we’ve moved up here, and the car lots were so hot that I could feel the energy leak out of me as I stood there. I only revived later when cooler breezes caressed me as we sat on our deck in the Enchanted Forest. When we told our friends that we were moving, some of them were surprised that we were moving north instead of south. Little do they realize that I am part snowman and melt in hot weather. The good thing about the North is that event the hottest days have an underlying coolness to them–much like a hot day in the autumn. It’s just that car lots radiate heat.

When we returned home from our trip to Storybrooke on Saturday, we were horrified to find that our Internet was out. Our new Internet Service Provider might have 24/7 support, but I don’t know their number if they do, so I had to wait until this morning to call for help. Our ISP said everything looked fine on their end, and they had me change a few settings on our wireless modem. When that didn’t work, they sent a computer wizard to the house to do something mysteriously magical that fixed the problem. Yay! Being without Internet connection is not fun.

Actually, the whole morning was sort of haywire with a lot of small problems. Like…JJ was in a bit of a bad mood. EJ had to return a call to the insurance company downstate, who said that our house insurance (for the old house) hadn’t been paid, but we hadn’t had a bill for it or anything. EJ called the bank who said they don’t pay house insurance or taxes (for our home equity loan) so we were responsible for paying it, which, Sheesh, why didn’t they inform us or the insurance company when they–not us–got the bill? EJ got that all cleared up. Meanwhile, I was making EJ some PB&J sandwiches to take to work and the bread fell so that the peanut-buttered bread stuck to my jeans and I had to peel it off. Yuck. And I drove to the post office to get stamps but it was closed for lunch so I had to drive home and then return an hour later. And EJ tried to call the company that picks up our trash at the old house to cancel it, but was placed on hold so long that he gave up. It was a day like that. Not major problems, just a lot of irritating little ones.

But JJ got to work ok, and EJ got to work ok, and the day quieted down. We had rain this morning which watered the thirsty ground and cooled the hot air a bit. Everything was so peaceful, I washed dishes and then took a nap.



4 Comments on “Storybrooke

  1. Beautiful surroundings in your area , but you watch really other movies than I do 🙂 Just enjoy the summer at your new place winter will be following quickly enough . ❤


    • I really do like a variety of book and movie genres. I like or dislike movies for definite reasons but won’t go into them right now.

      I am totally enjoying the summer. I think autumn will be breathtakingly gorgeous, I’m a little apprehensive about winter–mostly because my guys will have to drive in the snow every day. JJ, especially, has not had much experience driving in bad weather, but I’m sure he will learn.


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