A Dog, Two Cats, and A Flock of Turkeys

Today EJ called the new insurance agency to see if all our policies had been transferred, and to also find out how we were going to manage this first month of payment. I had talked to the agent at the downstate agency on Monday and after I emphatically told him that I wanted our policies transferred NOW, he had said, “I’m doing it as we speak.” Liar. The northern agency had told us several weeks ago that transferring an account can be done in a few minutes with a couple clicks of the mouse. They said today that they had only begun receiving our policies this morning and they are being sent slowly, one at a time. Grrrr.

I’m not sure what this difficult agent is hoping to accomplish with his nasty behavior. I mean, is he expecting us to say, “Well, gee, you are giving us so many problems that I guess we’ll just keep you as our agent.” NOT! He lost us when he called the northern agency to yell that they were “poaching us.” Actually, he was losing us long before that. We never liked him as much as his predecessors. Anyway, I am considering contacting the corporate office to complain about him. I’ve never had such a bad experience with a company.

But, on a more positive note, a couple weeks ago I emailed the hospital Cancer Services to see if I could find JJ a support group. I tried to find JJ one downstate, but although the oncology staff was awesome, we weren’t given help finding support after his treatment ended. Up here in the north I have talked to several people and each of them have been incredibly supportive, always telling me that they are here to help and they will do all they can. I feel really encouraged by them.

Little Bear, Timmy, and Danny interested in the turkeys outside the window.
Little Bear, Timmy, and Danny interested in the turkeys outside the window.

I was busy all this afternoon cleaning and finding places for the items I unpacked from a few more boxes. I was finally sitting down to rest when I happened to notice Little Bear and Timmy sitting on the window sill, very focused on something. They were looking down so I thought they had found a bug or something. Then Danny went over to the window and I could tell he was also interested in the “Something.” I decided to see what was so interesting and was surprised to see turkeys right outside the window!

I went from window to window following the flock of turkeys as they wandered to the back of the house. When I had a clear view, I videoed them. Little Bear watched out the window and about halfway through the video, Danny came into the room. He whined a bit because a table in front of the window prevented him from getting close for a good view. Timmy also wandered in to watch the turkeys. The turkeys came right up to the window. I never get tired of watching them. I love how the adult turkeys stand guard over the babies, which are growing up fast.

I love life in the Enchanted Forest!


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