The Manitou

Tonight we went sailing on a Tall Ship called the Manitou.

I love the beauty and romance of the old sailing ships and I have always wanted to sail on one. I also have always wanted to see a sunset from a boat. Tonight I fulfilled both dreams.

We were afraid of being late and missing the cruise, so we left home super early. We never know what the traffic conditions are going to be and we didn’t want to be left standing at the dock. However, it took less time to get to the site than we anticipated, so once we knew where it was, we drove a short distance to a park on the coast. A duck meandered near us. I said “Hello!” and she ran right up to me. We walked a little ways and sat on large rocks to enjoy the scenery and the duck walked with us and then settled down next to us. She sat there for quite some time and even fell asleep.

We headed back to the Manitou office where we got checked in and were given boarding paces. Then we were bused across the busy street to the dock. The small bus made several trips and when all the tourists were brought to the dock, we went aboard the vessel.

Once we got away from the dock, the friendly crew asked for many volunteers to help raise the sails. I volunteered and pulled JJ along with me. When we were told to, we all heaved on the rope and pulled the hoisted the heavy sails. EJ was roped into helping unfurl the top of the sail. I didn’t get pictures because we were too busy heaving on the rope. However, I took a video of group of others raising a different sail.

The Manitou crew was friendly, the Captain was colorful, the boxed lunch we were served was very delicious–one of the most delicious box lunches I’ve ever had on a tour–and the scenery was awesome.

I can’t even describe what a wonderful experience this was. Our week had been very stressful…with the trip downstate last weekend, the hellish journey back with ‘Ol Nellie, our beater truck, the terrible storm we had, the struggles with the insurance agent. I felt as if my muscles were knotted with stress. The trip on the Manitou was so beautiful, so peaceful, and so delightful that I felt the stress ebb away. The cruise was everything–and more–that I had dreamed of. I told EJ I would love to go again. And again. And again. Maybe someday we can go on the overnight trip. Or the 6 day tour.

Ahhhh. It was awesome.

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7 Comments on “The Manitou

    • We ended our night by sitting on our deck and enjoying the night sky. We saw several meteorites streak by. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.


    • There is so much of the stuff we love to do up here. I love this area. While we waited for all the passengers to arrive, a crew member who greeted everyone asked why we were there. I said we had just moved to the area and have always wanted to go on a tall ship. She said, “Oh, good! I’m really glad you came. We need more locals to be passengers!” And I felt delight spreading through me. We are LOCALS in this beautiful area!

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