America’s Best Scenic Autumn Drive

EJ has been told by his company that he can expect to work a lot overtime in the next few weeks, so we decided to get out and enjoy the fall colors while we still can. We invited JJ to go along with us but he was tired from yesterday’s long trip to and from the old house so he chose to have a quiet day at home. He doesn’t enjoy drives as much as we do.


EJ and I drove along M-22 which, according to USA TODAY, is the most scenic drive in the country to view fall foliage. The drive took us through vividly colored forests, along beautiful lakes that were each a different color of blue, and past sand dunes, wineries, apple orchards, and quaint towns.  The day was sunny without a cloud in the deep blue sky. The temperature was chilly and breezy, just right for sweatshirts and jeans.

This is a Pure Michigan video about M-22 that was filmed in 2010 and is narrated by Tim Allen:

The drive was so amazingly beautiful that at times we actually cried tears of joy, which has never happened to me before. It’s impossible to describe the amazement and wonder, the contentment and joy, we feel about living in beautiful Northern Michigan. We are only a day-trip away from all the beauty we loved as children when our families vacationed in this region of the state.

EJ was going to take me out to eat at a restaurant, but many of the restaurants were crowded so we decided instead to stop at a grocery store for simple picnic foods. We drove to a small park on a lake to eat. We were going to eat at a picnic table in the pavilion, but it was a bit too windy so we ate in the Buggy.

Here are photos I took during our travels today. Most of them were taken as we drove along, but we stopped in a couple of places to enjoy the views. The photos show many of the different lakes we drove by. You can also see some of the beautiful trees.

Later this evening, EJ, Danny, and I walked around our property and then sat on our park bench to enjoy the evening. There is a word that I came across at Facebook a few months ago. I can’t remember the word, and I cannot find it, but it means something like “To reach a place where you feel you finally belong, a place that feels like home.” That is what we feel living here. Throughout the day, as we do on many days, we exclaimed in wonder, “Can you believe that we really live here? I can’t believe that we actually had the chutzpah to move here!”


2 Comments on “America’s Best Scenic Autumn Drive

  1. So very very beautiful and colorful and so amazing . You are really lucky and happy that you were been able to live up there.And finally find the peace you needed the most. I love your part of the world. ❤

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