A Colorful Day

As soon as I got out of bed this morning, I peeked out our bedroom curtain and saw the forest glowing with a golden light. It was beautiful.

Our beautiful Enchanted Forest
Our Enchanted Forest grows more beautiful every day.

Overnight the trees of our Enchanted Forest have bloomed with color. The beauty is breathtaking and I couldn’t help pausing often to drink it in with wonder. I realized yesterday as EJ and I drove on M-22 to enjoy the colorful foliage that I have always been in Northern Michigan in the summer, and never ever in the autumn or winter or spring. So these beautiful seasons are all enchantingly new to me.

After the golden light faded, the clouds made the sky gray–just a gray color with no dramatic clouds. Later the sky became blue with wispy white clouds. It was a beautiful warm autumn day. EJ read that we’ve been having temperatures that are 25 degrees above normal but that’s about to change and we will begin to get cooler weather. Over the next week or two, the highs are forecasted to be in the upper 50s and the lows in the 40s…and even dipping into the 30s.

Oct. 12, 2015 (27)Throughout the day, I kept going outside to photograph our colorful forest, but my camera is an inexpensive one and just can’t capture the full beauty. (Plus, I’m not exactly a knowledgeable photographer.) I think that the light of the sky darkens pictures of the forest at the end of the drive? In reality the colors are more vivid than in the photos. Tesla followed me as I walked around the yard with my camera and I was able to get a cute picture of her sitting on the park bench.

A magical trip to the mail box.
Our magical trip to the mail box.

Later EJ and I walked down to the mailbox to get the mail. As usual, Danny came with us and Tesla also followed us. I always feel magical with EJ and his staff and the pets following us down the driveway. EJ always scoops up Tesla on the way back and carries her home.

A Happy Danny
A happy Danny

I told EJ that it makes me happy that Danny gets to spend the second half of his life in the Enchanted Forest. Down south at the old house, he could only roam our small fenced-in yard. Up here in the North, he has a many times more area to enjoy. Many times Danny looks up at me with a grin, and I think he is as happy as we are to live in such a beautiful place.

EJ’s work hours have changed for a few weeks, so he now goes to work in the evening and gets home very early in the morning. Early this afternoon we unloaded the Suburban that was filled with stuff that EJ and JJ brought up from the old house on Saturday. The “stuff” included my last two birdhouses. I had not brought them before because baby sparrows were still in them. EJ was able to pull one of the birdhouses up, pole and all. The other house was on a post that formed part of Danny’s old dog pen so EJ couldn’t just pull it up. He was going to unscrew the birdhouse from the post but he didn’t have a ladder down there–but he did have a saw so he just sawed off the top of the post with the house on it.

The birdhouse is in a beautiful spot to the left of the park bench.
The birdhouse is in a beautiful spot to the left of the park bench.

For weeks I have been pondering where to put these last two birdhouses. At our old house, I had them right outside the windows so we could easily see inside. That was cool. Up here, though, birds have the whole Enchanted Forest to nest in and I didn’t think that they would find it appealing to nest near the house. I didn’t want these last two houses to be too close to the birdhouses I already put up earlier in the summer because in the south the sparrows fought if the houses were too close. I also didn’t want anything to block my beautiful view. I decided, finally, to put one house several feet to the left of our park bench. I carried the birdhouse and post to the chosen spot this afternoon while EJ carried the posthole digger. He dug the hole and I positioned the post in the hole and then he filled the dirt in and stamped it down.

Something tried to make the hole bigger.
Something tried to make the hole bigger.

The birdhouse we put up today has three “apartments.” After we got it up, EJ noticed that one of the three entrance holes was gnawed, as if a bird or animal had tried to enlarge it. I’m not sure what sort of critter would have done that.

EJ will unscrew the other house from the post and then fasten it to a post that was already in the yard when we moved in–up near the big rocks.




2 Comments on “A Colorful Day

  1. Still adventures little and big and all in the same beautiful surroundings. I love the autumn also and be blessed when I see the colors change. Here it is cold not like normal but very cold for the time of the year. Like 0-2* C at night and 9-11 during the day. As we live in the end of time everything is changing also the weather . But I lift my head because I know that Yeshua is coming and we will see a new world so beautiful we can’t imagine. And I can’t wait for His coming.


    • I didn’t know what your normal weather was like so I looked it up because I like learning about different countries. Your latitude is farther north than mine. I read that “The Netherlands has a mild, maritime climate, similar to England; summers are generally warm with colder, rainy periods, and excessively hot weather is rare, but last years happens more and more often. Winters can be fairly cold, windy, with rain and some snow. The possibility of extreme cold is rare. Rain occurs throughout the whole year, spring being the driest season.”

      About Michigan, Wikipedia says “The northern part of the Lower Peninsula and the entire Upper Peninsula has a more severe climate, with warm, but shorter summers and longer, cold to very cold winters. Some parts of the state average high temperatures below freezing from December through February, and into early March in the far northern parts. During the winter through the middle of February the state is frequently subjected to heavy lake-effect snow. The state averages from 30-40 inches (75–100 cm) of precipitation annually. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_Michigan)

      Encyclopedia Britannica has some interesting information about Michigan. About the climate it says, “The Great Lakes cool the hot winds of summer and warm the cold winds of winter, giving Michigan a more moderate and somewhat moister climate than some other north-central states.”

      Encyclopedia Britannica also describes the connection between our countries, Simone: “Dutch influences are still evident in the western counties around Holland and Zeeland, where Dutch settlers pioneered successfully in 1847.”


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