Teric’s Treasures

After all the busyness of the last few days, I finally was able to work on my Etsy store today in between the normal interruptions–making turkey pot pie, washing dishes, taking Danny outside, finding lost items, and so on. I didn’t get around to making the bed or doing laundry.

I discovered that it takes a lot of effort to set up an on-line store. It took me a long time and lots of attempts to take pictures of the items I am selling. Then I had to list them on the store, and decide how to describe each item, what prices to charge, and so on. I didn’t get all my items listed–I lost the good daylight in which to photograph the items and then my camera battery died. I also have several items that aren’t quite finished. Some items I’m trying to do in multiple colors. I also still have to try to find a company logo and store description, and all that.

We named our store Teric’s Treasures. All my items are handmade. EJ would eventually like to start making items to sell as well. I don’t yet ship out of the USA because I want to get familiar with managing a store first, but I hope to be able to ship to other countries soon. I hope you all will visit my store. You can find it here:

You can find it here: Teric’s Treasures.

Here are items I am currently selling:

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3 Comments on “Teric’s Treasures

  1. Wow, you certainly have been busy. You have some very pretty items, you should do well. Also I think your new picture on the top of your blog is very nice.


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