25 years of friendship.
25 years of friendship.

Today was my and EJ’s 25th wedding anniversary. Anniversaries are always a time to reflect on memories of the years we’ve spent together: Pleasant and difficult times, laughter and tears, joys and sorrows. I think the card EJ gave me really describes our marriage:

The day we promised
for better or worse,
there was no way
we could have known
what that would mean.
But as the years have gone by,
We’ve come to understand.
It means that whether things
are running smoothly around here
or they get a little crazy…
whether I need
a best friend in my corner
or just one of your smiles
to remind me
everything will be okay…
whether we’re sharing
a magic moment
or just the day-to-day of it all…
It means that our love is real,
we’re here for each other,
and we’re in this together–
for better, for worse, for always.

EJ also bought me a Willow Tree figurine–the one pictured above. I was very touched by what it symbolized. I love the Willow Tree figurines. I have three now and they each symbolize a part of me: One was given to me by a friend who appreciated me listening to her. Another shows my love for my cats (and Danny).

For the last month or two EJ’s has been going to work later and arriving home at 6 a.m. Today his work hours changed back to his old schedule. He got home this morning at 6 a.m. and then had to go back in at 2 p.m. He was very tired and spent most of his day sleeping. I spent most of my day crocheting.

I had thought it would take a few weeks or months to start receiving orders from Teric’s Treasures, but I have already received three orders! It’s such a surprise to me every time I get an order. The first two orders were from friends, which really helped me to gain a little experience with the process of running an on-line store. I was able to iron out a few wrinkles. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m sort of learning as I go. The third order was from a stranger!

I’ve been crocheting, crocheting, crocheting until late at night. When I’m not crocheting to fulfill orders, I’m trying to finish a few more items so I can list them. In addition to crocheting, I’ve worked more at setting up the Etsy store–like finding a store icon, making my shipping policies and prices, writing my profile information, and stuff like that. I’m also learning about receiving and printing off orders and shipping receipts. In addition, I’ve made Teric’s Treasures mailing labels and I’m working on Care Instructions to send with the items I sell. I’m trying to set up file folders for my store so I can keep finances, orders, and patterns organized.

It’s all rather exciting.


4 Comments on “Anniversary

  1. Also here wishing you and EJ many happy years to come and he really gave you a very beautiful present. Something to treasure for ever and ever. Wishing you also a great time with setting up your store and of course it is work but I hope it will also be fun. And you’ll never know what great ideas will come up. Just watch Pinterest so find ideas it is a great way to do so. ❤


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