Life on the Run

This was one of those absolutely crazy days that feels as if life is a comedy routine. It was running here, dropping EJ there, dropping JJ there, picking up EJ. It was sort of funny.

Both EJ and JJ had appointments they had to go to. EJ to his doctor and JJ to his counselor. The appointments were scheduled about an hour apart and located 15 minutes apart in the Emerald City. It didn’t make sense for them to drive separately, but there was no certainty that EJ could finish his appointment in time to take JJ to his. So I went with them.

We all got up early. EJ drove us to his doctor’s. As soon as he got out of the Buggy, I quickly got in the driver’s seat and JJ got in the front passenger seat and we drove off, leaving EJ behind. We had about an hour before JJ had to be at his appointment, so I stopped at Joann Fabrics and had a few delightful moments of wandering the aisles while JJ waited in the Buggy because he was tired, getting sick, a bit stressed from trying to figure out college finances, and rather grumpy. I bought a couple of skeins of crochet thread. I drooled a bit over the wonderful storage containers that would be awesome for keeping my store inventory organized. I mostly make items when they are ordered, but I do make one of each item before I list it, and I would like to keep at least one of each item made up. The storage containers were more than I wanted to pay so I didn’t buy any. When I exited the store, I noticed a Dollar Store and went in there. I found some decorative tins that are just right for storing my bookmarks so I bought a few for just a dollar each.

Then it was time to drop JJ off at his appointment. Before we reached his counselor’s, EJ texted and said he was done with his appointment. If we had a little more time, we could have picked him up before dropping JJ off. EJ didn’t want to wait 20-30 minutes at the doctor’s office so he said he would start walking our way. At first I was like, “No! No! You can’t go wandering about! You have to stay at a place where I can program Viki, our GPS, to find you!” but JJ told me that the counselor had texted him that he might be running a bit late so I texted EJ, “Ok, go ahead and walk and I hope I can find you!” After I dropped JJ off, I followed Viki’s directions along the route to the doctor’s office and hoped EJ was walking the same route. Surprise!–I did actually find him although I would have missed him if he hadn’t called me when he saw me turning left at an intersection instead of going straight.

When I spotted EJ, I pulled into a parking lot and waited for him to get to the Buggy. I traded seats so he could drive from that point on. He drove us to the college so he could pay for JJ’s tuition. JJ won’t have the money in time to pay for his own classes. He got his own credit card but as a student and first-time credit card owner, they aren’t giving him enough credit, so we are paying for his classes with the firm instruction that he absolutely must faithfully make payments every month or we are SCREWED. The other day I pretended to be a mobster and told him that if he misses a payment we are gonna breaka his fingers. (Don’t worry. I’m not going to really.)

EJ pulled into a metered parking space at the college but the meter was a monster that swallowed his coins without giving us any “time.” EJ was like, “Oh, well. Let’s forget it and just go in” but I knew that if we parked at a meter with no time on it, our Buggy would be towed away before we returned. So EJ headed towards the admissions office while I tried to find a parking space in a nearby unmetered parking lot. The parking lot was completely full so I ended up driving back to the metered lot, only this time I parked in a space in which the meter actually worked. I put in a couple of coins and then went to find EJ. I could have just stayed in the Buggy and waited for him to return, but I wanted to get a look at the college that JJ is going to attend. I followed signs and actually found the correct building, and then I was actually able to find the Admission’s office, which is amazing. However, I didn’t find EJ. Then I realized that I had accidentally left my phone in the car, and I thought “Oh, no! I better hope I can find my way back to the Buggy because there is no calling for help if I get lost.” I exited the building and almost immediately I saw EJ heading for the unmetered parking lot to look for me. I shouted to him and when he joined me he said that the Admissions Office told him that they don’t accept credit/debt card payments in person–which sounds illogical–but he could pay via credit card on-line, which he did later. JJ is now enrolled in college and will start his classes in early January.

We made our way back to the Buggy and drove to pick up JJ. This is the first time EJ has been to JJ’s counselor. The route goes along the coast, just a few feet from the water’s edge, winding among expensive houses and beautiful mansions. I truly like our own little humble home best, but I can appreciate the beauty of mansions, palaces, and castles, all set like jewels in beautiful settings. It’s an awesome drive.

When JJ joined us, he said the counselor had told him that he was a really good guy with a wise head on his shoulders. I said, “So! It seems that your Dad and I haven’t totally messed you up after all!” EJ added, “….Yet.”

We made it home. EJ did a few tasks in the garage while I prepared my orders to mail. I would have gone to the post office and mailed them today, but we were running out of time and energy. After EJ left for work, JJ and I were so tired that we both took naps. We had stayed up too late last night and gotten up too early this morning.

I didn’t get much crocheting done today, but after I do a few more household chores, I will sit down with Doctor Who on Netflix and maybe crochet a bit.

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