A Walk Through the Woods On a Snowy Afternoon

I do not think we got as much snow last night as the meteorologists predicted, although we did get a lot of snow.

The meteorologists said that the snow would stop and then we’d get lake effect snow for the next few days. I asked EJ what the difference was between the two. I knew that moisture from the Great Lakes is picked up and dumped on areas near the coast, but wasn’t quite clear on why the meteorologists made such a distinction between the two. EJ explained that the main difference between lake effect snow and a regular snow storm is that lake effect snow storms are not low pressure system storms. As a cold, dry air mass moves over the Great Lakes regions, the air picks up lots of moisture from the Great Lakes and dumps in over areas surrounding the lakes.

We now live in an area that gets a lot of lake effect snow.

Jan. 12, 2016 B 007
Very heavy snow hid our forest view.

Today it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed. I have never before seen such snow. Sometimes the snow came down so heavily that we could barely see the trees surrounding our home.  I took a video of the falling snow, and then it began to snow more heavily so I took another video, and then it snowed even more heavily. It was beautiful and awesome.

(I would share my videos with you but I can’t seem to upload videos to YouTube or similar sites, which is frustrating. JJ says it’s because of our internet connection. Our ISP says that we have the best connection they can give us right now, although they are working on improving it. Sigh. Maybe I should get a I Love to Go A Gardening Facebook page since I am able to upload videos there.)

The falling snow was very beautiful and I kept going outside to take pictures and videos. I took Danny for a walk to the mailbox and then later, when the snow was falling especially hard, I talked JJ into taking a short walk through our forest. Although he loves the beauty of our new home and it’s surroundings, he’s not exactly a huge fan of nature walks. This is only the second time he’s walked with me through the forest.

It was very pretty and the snow was sometimes so deep that it went almost up to our knees. We heard the distinct sound of a Pileated Woodpecker. We spotted two of them in the trees above us. We’ve never seen two at once before. They are such amazing birds.

While JJ and I walked through the forest, EJ cleared the snow off the Suburban.

There were reports that the heavy snow, blowing wind, low visibility, and slippery roads were making driving hazardous. JJ struggled with whether or not to try to drive in to work. He gets a point against him if he doesn’t go to work when he is scheduled–and six points gets him fired. But at last he decided that as inexperienced as he is, it was too dangerous. When he called in, the HR director told him that because of the bad weather, he would not get points counted against him. He was really relieved.

EJ went to work, but he has years of experience driving. He texted me when he got to work that it was quite tricky in a few places. I’ll be glad when he is home tonight.


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