A Day and A Half

As you know, Friday EJ was permanently laid off from the wonderful job that enabled us to move to our beautiful enchanted forest in Northern Michigan.

EJ told me that as soon as he got into his suburban, he called the head hunter (a person who connects companies with job seekers) and set up an appointment with him for Monday. His meeting with the head hunter lasted an hour, and 20 minutes after he left he was called by a company wanting him to come in for an interview. He missed the call at that time because he was driving but he called back later and set up an interview for Tuesday morning. He went to the interview on Tuesday and the company immediately hired him. He starts next Monday.

The pay is a little less than he was getting at the other company–but at least EJ has a job. All of the new company’s contracts are long-term so it’s very unlikely he will ever get laid off. He’s also back to working ten-hour days for four days a week. With less income, money will be tight, but JJ has taken over paying for his phone bill and his medical bill for cancer.

Thank you all who have prayed for us. EJ was technically without a job for about a day and a half (not counting the weekend). I’m so relieved and thankful that he has a job so quickly. I pray that he loves this one even more than the previous one.

Our buggy is still stuck in the driveway. EJ believes something is preventing the steering wheel from turning so that he can’t pull it out. He has been driving JJ to school and work. I’m not sure what will happen when EJ begins working.

We had a scare today. EJ took JJ to school, then went to fill out paperwork for his new company, and then picked JJ up from school. I was surprised when JJ came to the door and I didn’t see any sign of EJ or the suburban. JJ said, “Dad is stuck at the bottom of the driveway.” He had come up to get a shovel. We had gotten several more inches of snow. A guy driving by saw that EJ was stuck and stopped and pulled him out.  It turns out that he’s a neighbor that lives down the road, and EJ and he had a nice chat. I was relieved that we didn’t have two vehicles stuck in the driveway. After EJ got the sub up the driveway, he and I took turns snowblowing the driveway.

I tell EJ that I feel so easily overwhelmed and anxious and depressed these days–with an intensity I’ve never felt before. It’s as if I have no shields to protect me and everything hits me hard and deep. I don’t know if it’s a symptom of Caregiver Burnout or what. I hate it. But whenever I get overwhelmed, EJ says, “Don’t worry. I am your Samwise and I will help you.”



4 Comments on “A Day and A Half

  1. I’m happy that God provided so very quickly for a job for EJ. And I do hope that you will recover Teri and not only find a new way of living close to our Messiah but also find yourself back. I know how hard it can be . Tomorrow it is 17 years ago that Paul my husband died in two seconds of time. I was left with kids growing up and had to double my job to provide for our income. I did;t had the time to mourn or feel anything. That came so much later when I lived by myself and lost so much of my health . Than I realized that I had given myself away. Gladly because that is what we do for our kids but it is still taking time to get myself back. And I will never be the same me again. But in the midst of all that I always knew somehow that God was just a breath away. And He is just as near for you in this ordeal. ❤


  2. Hi dear friends, that has been our prayers and may the people that your dear hubby will be working with be the best yet and our love to all, Bob and Linda

    Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 01:15:52 +0000 To: dodgelocke@hotmail.com


  3. Oh so happy to hear your news. I have a similar feeling of being overwhelmed when it comes to money matters. It is so silly too because with finances you lose things, possessions. I can handle anything with health and death and that sort of thing but money makes me crazy. I was really worried for you and almost didn’t know how to pray because of how those things make me feel. I will be praying praises for EJ’s job. I will also continue to pray that your old house is removed from you burdens and that God continues to hold you in the shelter of his love.


    • Thank you so much for your prayers! Money matters are quite scary, aren’t they? Maybe because they address such basic needs–like shelter, food, security? I will be so glad when EJ successfully settles into his new job and we sell our old house. The old house is a real burden.


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