Life in March

Wow. It’s been more than a week since I’ve last written. An awful lot has happened in that time.

We had some warm weather–warm enough for jackets and shoes instead of coats and boots. It melted all our snow, which is wonderful because I’m a bit tired of four-wheeling up and down our driveway–although I did enjoy sledding down it. The weather was so nice that I sort of got Spring Fever and I brought took our patio table and park benches outside even though I know it’s only March and we could still get more winter weather. Sure enough, “an accumulation of snow” is forecasted for later this week. Oh, well.

These are the cherry bookmarks I designed.
These are the cherry bookmarks I designed.

I have been keeping busy crocheting. I had an order for 50 apple bookmarks and another order for 20 daisy bookmarks. That kept me busy. I didn’t have to get the apple bookmarks finished until autumn because they are being given as Rosh Hashanah gifts, but I like to get my orders completed as quickly as possible. After I finished those bookmarks, I designed a cherry bookmark. There are a lot of cherry orchards in my area–and even a Cherry Festival–so I’m hoping to sell some of my bookmarks locally as well as through my Etsy Store. I might also sell the pattern if I can get it written up. I haven’t gotten the bookmarks at the store yet.

Our library shelves...
Our library shelves. The completed shelves have books on them.

For the last month or so, EJ has been building me library shelves. When we first moved here, I considered buying shelves or bookcases from a store, but we have a lot of books so I’d need several floor-to-ceiling shelves. Most bookcases are only 6 feet high and even cheap ones are expensive and would have cost a lot of money. So eventually we decided to just buy brackets and boards and built our own for much less. We don’t need anything fancy, we just need shelves to hold our books. EJ is building very sturdy bookcases. As soon as he gets each shelf completed, he lets me put books on it. I have emptied many boxes of books already. However, I still have many boxes left so I think I’m going to run out of shelf space before I run out of boxes of books. However, EJ and I will sort through the books and sell any duplicates or books that we no longer want.

At our old house, our library was tucked away upstairs. I’m really excited about having all our books just in the next room, and very accessible.

The cookie-brownie birthday cake I made for JJ on his 18th birthday. I made them for several years.
The cookie-brownie birthday cake I made for JJ on his 18th birthday. I made them for several years.

JJ’s 21st birthday is tomorrow. We celebrated this Saturday, however, because EJ was home and JJ didn’t have to leave for work until mid-afternoon. In our family, the birthday person gets to choose his birthday meal and the type of cake he wants. For several years I made a unique cookie cake that I had created–I put a large brownie covered with chocolate frosting on top of a giant peanut butter cookie. It was delicious, but very rich.

The homemade pizza I made for JJ's birthday.
The homemade pizza I made for JJ’s birthday.

This year, however, JJ wanted something different. He chose to have a homemade pizza and a carrot cake. I found candles at the store that had different colored flames. It was cool. Because he had been so busy with work and college, JJ also said that he would prefer to stay home and have a Doctor Who marathon. So that is what we did.

JJ currently works at a store that is very well-known nationally. However, a competing store opened last November just a few miles down the road. The new store has everything JJ’s store has and much, much more, and business at JJ’s store dropped 50% after it opened. Many of his co-workers have found other jobs or have been fired. JJ has been wanting to find a new job, since he’s not sure how long his store will remain in business. Months ago JJ applied for a job at a little grocery store just a few minutes from our home. It is the store we usually shop at. Last week they called him and asked if he was still interested in working for them and when he said “yes,” they set up an interview for the next day. After the interview JJ said that he wasn’t sure how well he had done so he wasn’t certain he’d get the job. However, Friday they called to tell him that the job was his. He is really excited. The store is only two miles away instead of the 20 miles he now drives, which will save him time and money for gas. Also, there is a chance for advancement at this store. He has given his two-week’s notice at his current job and begins his new job on April 1.




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  1. Well happy birthday JJ and 21 is the most beautiful age to live in. And glad for the new job hopefully it will be great to work there. Here we have a cold start of springtime but we do hope by the time it is Pesach it will be warmer and nice to be outside. Love you all ❤

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