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JJ needed to get his driver’s license renewed. With his busy schedule, it’s difficult to find time to do extra activities but since he didn’t have to work last Monday, I went with him to the Secretary of State’s office. (That sounds very official, but Michigan’s Secretary of State is what other states call the Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV.) We celebrated JJ’s birthday last Saturday, but his actual birthday was Monday and the last day he could get his license renewed without a late fee.

Samples of an adult license (left) and a youth license (right)
Samples of an adult license (left) and a youth license (right).

At the Secretary of State office, we sat in the back row of chairs while we waited for JJ’s number to be called. I leaned over and whispered, “Today you get your Big Boy’s license. Cool.” In Michigan, teens have a youth license until they turn age 21. It is taller and narrower than the adult license. JJ said, “You are so weird, Mom.” When it was his turn, he went up to the counter alone while I remained seated. “If you need me,” I had told him, “just flash me the Bat Signal.” I just about cracked up when I heard the SOS clerk tell JJ, “Ooooh! You get your Big Boy license today!” It seems that Moms will be Moms. LOL.

Officially, JJ stops working at his current job on March 31 and begins his new job on April 1. However, the new manager had asked him, if possible, to come in before his official first day for training. JJ said he could come in on Wednesday afternoon. He actually ended up training and working from 4:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. He came home in high spirits. He said the people are all nice there, the customers were nice, and it was an awesome place to work. He was also excited that his job is local so there is a chance he can meet people in our own community.

We have been enjoying Spring weather during most of March. The temperatures warmed up and the snow all melted. Although I knew that it was still early and it was very likely that winter weather would return, I couldn’t resist setting up our patio furniture and park benches outside. I tried to resist, but it was quite impossible. It was nice trading in our coats for jackets, and our boots for shoes. Last night winter returned for another punch. It snowed all night and day and we have gotten close to a foot of snow. We have also gotten freezing rain. EJ said that the drive home today was quite treacherous. JJ’s college class was canceled today–since he was homeschooled, this is one of the first “snow days” he’s ever had. With the weather so bad, he called his current job to tell them he wouldn’t make it in. I took pictures yesterday before it snowed and pictures of the same scenes today to show the difference between yesterdays and today’s weather. A day really makes a difference!

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The good think about snow in the Spring is that we know it won’t last. Sooner or later, Winter will loosen its grip.


4 Comments on “Yesterday & Today

  1. Well I had to renew my drivers licence too last week and instead of the nice pink paper one I all get a small plastic card with a very ugly picture since they have very clear instructions how you have to look and hope they want to see you. So I do hope I don’t have to show it ever to anybody. 🙂 Still love your snow we didn’t had more than one day with a little bit. So have missed it. Happy for JJ having a good new job…. ❤


    • I always think EJ looks like a thug in his. Mine are mostly so-so. Most driver’s license photos seem to be terrible.

      If I could share some of our snow with you, I would. I don’t really mind the snow, although I am a little tired this year of snowblowing and getting stuck. 🙂


  2. Tell JJ happy late birthday to him and congratulations on moving thru the many milestones of life. May your Easter be xtra special and our love to all.


    • I will pass on your birthday wishes to JJ. I hope you and Bob are doing well and have a very nice Easter. Love to you both!


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