Enchanted Homestead

Downstate we had friends who lived in the country and had chickens for a few years. I thought they were very beautiful and interesting. I decided that if ever we lived in the country, I’d raise chickens. The eggs are healthier than store-bought eggs and if we had extra eggs, I could sell them and maybe make a little extra money.

Our Coop
Our Coop

Our new neighbor across the road has chickens. Every time I hear their roosters crow, I think, “I would like to have chickens! Well, today I was browsing on the Internet, and I found a cute little chicken coop on sale at a local farm store. We could use some of our tax refund to pay for it and JJ said that if we bought a coop, he’d help us pay for it. So EJ and I jumped in the Sub and drove to the farm store and bought the coop.  We will have to put it together, but one reviewer on the website said that she and her husband easily put it together in 45 minutes.

There were baby ducks and chicks in horse troughs at the farm store. An employee told me that they’d be there for the first week or two of April–or until they were sold. So we decided to buy some today. We bought four chicks and two ducks. When we got them home, EJ moved an old horse trough into our unheated hallway that connects the rest of the house to the garage. He had bought the horse trough several years ago at a garage sale and had used it as a raised garden bed at our old house.

JJ had just enough time to look at the chicks and ducklings before he had to leave for work. He thinks they are cute too.

Timmy and Little Bear are interested in the new babies, but EJ constructed a cat-proof lid for the trough. Danny is also interested, but he is so gentle that I don’t think he’d ever hurt them. I showed him one of the chicks and he sniffed it a little.

I think our little babies are adorable. I have never lived in the country before or had chickens. I am excited about starting a little enchanted homestead! Hopefully we can keep our chicks safe from foxes and coyotes and owls and bears.

I told EJ that I would like to consider raising bees for honey. One of EJ’s sisters raises bees, and maybe she could teach me.

One Comment on “Enchanted Homestead

  1. Great to watch those little lovely ones and the chicken house is beautiful. You will have such great fun raising them and taking care of them. Wonderful wish I could zee them in real. Soon when you have a garden and bees too it will be a real farm. So great and lovely ❤


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