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Ducklings in the Bathtub

Yesterday was JJ’s first official day on his new job. He came home happy. He really likes it at the new place. It snowed again today. We got several inches–and I think we are expecting several more inches. There is a Winter Weather Advisory… Continue Reading “Ducklings in the Bathtub”

Duck Love

It was very foggy and rainy all day today. I think the fog makes the landscape very pretty, although I worry a bit when my guys have to drive through thick fog. Because of remodeling we had done over the years at the old… Continue Reading “Duck Love”

Enchanted Homestead

Downstate we had friends who lived in the country and had chickens for a few years. I thought they were very beautiful and interesting. I decided that if ever we lived in the country, I’d raise chickens. The eggs are healthier than store-bought eggs… Continue Reading “Enchanted Homestead”

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