GPS Meltdown

JJ had his periodic appointment with his oncologist today to make sure he is still cancer free. I went with him because he doesn’t want to go to medical appointments alone–especially not to oncologists. I wouldn’t want to either.

We’ve only been to this new oncologist once, shortly after we moved here last June so we used the GPS on JJ’s smart phone to make sure we found our way. We got there with 15 minutes to spare, which is about right. I like to get to appointments a little early, but not too early. When we went up to the building, I was surprised to find the door was locked. Then we noticed a sign that said their offices had moved.

Yikes! I was afraid that the offices might be clear across the city and we’d be horribly late. JJ programmed his GPS with the new address that had been listed on the sign on the door, and we learned that the new office was only about 3 miles away. The GPS (whose name JJ said is Sasha) calmly gave us directions until suddenly she had a complete meltdown. “Turn on M– Street!” She yelled. “Turn on M– Street! Turn on M– Street! Turn on M– Street NOW!” “Calm DOWN!” we told her. Sheesh. She acted as if she was having an anxiety attack. She was stressing us out. 

The oncologist’s new office was located in a brand new Cancer Center attached to the hospital. It was really nice. The oncologist is really nice and good at explaining stuff to us. He’s only met us once, and he said he couldn’t remember my name. I said that my name is TJ…or Mom. He told he me would call me “Mom”–even though he is about my age. It’s easier to remember. He said JJ health looks good. He had JJ get a blood draw afterwards to check his cancer markers, and has ordered a CT Scan and chest X-ray in June to make sure everything is clear. Assuming the tests all come back good, JJ’s next appointment with the oncologist is next October.

On the way home we stopped at our favorite restaurant. I didn’t order anything because I was going to eat supper with EJ at home, but JJ wouldn’t have had time to eat at home before he had to head for work–so he just ordered take out and ate as we drove home. We got home about 30 minutes before he had to leave for work. Days when JJ has medical appointments and tests are always difficult days for him, but fortunately he only had to work four hours today. 

Every morning I carry the ducklings to the bathtub for their daily swim. I can’t believe how quickly they are growing. They are losing their yellow downiness and getting more and more of their white feathers. They are also developing separate personalities. One duck loudly screams a piercing “PEEP! PEEP! PEEP!” as I carry it to the bathroom. The other mostly just rests its head against my arm.

The chicks are also growing fast, although not as fast as the ducks. They are mostly feathers now. I always talk to them when I check on them. I can’t get good pictures of them in their horse trough in the hallway.

Danny is totally fascinated with the birds. He always wants to come into the bathroom to watch the ducks as they swim. He hardly ever makes a sound, but he has begun whining as he observes them. He also insists on going into the hallway whenever I go out to check on the ducks and chicks. Tonight Danny was a little upset with a cat who was eating from from their dish on a bench next to the trough. I think Danny thought the cat was too close to HIS birds.

Here is one of this morning’s videos of Danny watching his ducks.



2 Comments on “GPS Meltdown

  1. Glad that things seems to be alright with JJ and hopefully are in june. And great to see the ducks. But they are walking in the water don;t they need a deeper level so they can swim?? Or isn’t that possible. They are really growing very fast that’s dor sure. And Danny is their keeper and he wil, outside too when they are ready to live there ❤


    • The ducks grow so fast from day to day that I don’t always get the water deep enough. Even so, they can still swim in it if they choose. The water is shallower in one end of the tub than the other.


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