Ducklings in the Bathtub

Yesterday was JJ’s first official day on his new job. He came home happy. He really likes it at the new place.

It snowed again today. We got several inches–and I think we are expecting several more inches. There is a Winter Weather Advisory for our areaWinter just doesn’t want to let go.

Ducklings enjoying their swim.
Ducklings enjoying their swim.

EJ said that when it got warmer, we’d buy a little pool for our birds. I got to thinking that the large bathtub in our master bedroom looks a lot like a pool. It’s so large that it takes forever to fill it and we have only used it once. (We use our separate shower instead.) I suggested that the ducklings might enjoy swimming in it. So we put a few inches of water in the tub and put the ducklings in it. They had a wonderful time swimming around. After a while, we lifted them out onto towels on the floor and watched them dry their feathers.

I think we make terrible farmers/homesteaders. Our “livestock” become our pets.


6 Comments on “Ducklings in the Bathtub

  1. I love the ducklings they are so cute and very good to let them swim that’s the way to get the fat on their feathers they have to do that every day. So as long as it is snowy outside just let them enjoy the bathtub. They are bigger everyday I see them. Happy for JJ that his new job is wonderful. ❀


    • We think the little ducklings are adorable too. The chicks are also adorable but I’m usually the one who holds them so I don’t get pictures.


  2. You had the perfect tub for them and this is a most wonderful time of the year, young life coming up all over, keep enjoying the little ones they will be big soon enough.


    • We get a lot of enjoyment from them. We all wear goofy smiles when we interact with them. πŸ™‚


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