Early May


Warm days are alternating with cooler days. Today was a cool, damp day, but the temperatures are forecast to rise steadily to a high in the low 70s by the weekend. Yay! The cool days make me feel like curling up with a book and my crocheting. The warmer days pull me to work outside.

The scenery grows more green each day, reminding me of an artist applying thicker and thicker green to the trees and bushes in his landscape painting.

EJ shooting cans
EJ shooting cans

Last Sunday was a warm day and EJ set up cans on a box and we took turns shooting them with his .22.  (I think it was a .22.) Or, rather, EJ shot the cans and I mostly just shot at them. I did finally hit two of them. I do not know how to shoot so EJ is teaching me. It was fun. He hopes to get a bb gun for me to practice with because the ammunition is much cheaper.

I have been so busy with the ducks that I haven’t done much crocheting, but this week I found some fun bookmark patterns to try. Here is one type, which I made in different colors. I think they are very pretty.

Flower bookmarks
Flower bookmarks

I don’t have them listed at Etsy yet because I don’t have good enough pictures of them. I think I have to photograph them on a sunny morning when the light is better. I’m thinking of also listing my crocheted items at Amazon soon. This would enable me to sell to other countries.  I have never sold anything internationally at Etsy because I have to decide on what to charge for shipping–and the one charge applies to all international orders no matter what country it goes to. Since shipping costs can very widely from country to country, I have no idea what to charge. I don’t want to under charge for shipping to some countries (I can’t afford to pay expensive shipping out of my own pocket) or overcharge on others (because people shouldn’t have to pay unnecessary shipping costs). I’ve been told that Amazon automatically calculates shipping costs to various countries so that’s a huge plus.

I just have to make time to sit down and get my homemade items listed at Amazon. I already have a few books listed for sell. Once EJ gets the bookshelves in our library finished and I get it organized, I will start listing more books, but I don’t want to do it until then. I sold one book recently that I had listed several months ago, just for practice, but in the process of going through boxes of books and sorting them into “sell” and “keep,” I lost track of the book I had listed and had to frantically go through boxes and boxes to find it. So I want to be better organized before I list more books.

When JJ worked at his previous company, customers would sometimes come through his cashier line and encourage him to apply at their companies because they saw that he was responsible and hard working. One was an owner of a company. JJ later called the company–last autumn–but never heard back so he forgot about it. Apparently his call “fell through the cracks.” A couple of weeks ago, the owner happened to shop at the grocery store where JJ is now working, and he urged JJ to apply again. JJ had an interview with the guy, and in some ways the job sounded really good–more pay and more hours and more responsibility. However, JJ felt that something was “off” about the job and he had a lot of misgivings. JJ is really happy working at the grocery store so he decided to go with his gut and remain there. I think he made a wise choice.

Today JJ got his grades for his writing class. He had found out after his exam that gotten a 4.0 in his math class, but he didn’t find out about his grades for his writing class until today. A couple of years ago he was mentored by a journalist /author who said he was an awesome writer, but he was anxious that he wasn’t going to pass his writing class. He said that although he liked his college writing teacher as a person, he struggled with her method of teaching. Anyway, he got his grade for the class today and was amazed that he did far better than he thought he did. So that was a much-needed boost to his confidence.

Our ducks and chickens are growing up fast. The ducks are actually beginning to “quack” instead of “peep,” and I’ve heard a few “clucks” from the older chickens. I can’t wait until we get the fence up outside before the ducks and chickens get too crowded, although right now I think it’s still too cold for them to be outside. The younger chick are beginning to get feathers on their tiny little wings.



2 Comments on “Early May

  1. Good for JJ in being able to have a “feel” for a situation. Also congrats on the college grades. It is nice to be rewarded for hard work. I love the chicken stories!!


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