Fangorn Forest

Veterans walking to the cemetery on Memorial Day 2012
Veterans walking to the cemetery on Memorial Day 2012

Today was Memorial Day in the USA. It is a day to honor fallen soldiers. We always really enjoyed the Memorial Day celebrations in the little village we used to live in. They had one of the best, most honoring, Memorial Day celebrations I had ever seen. The focus was entirely on the veterans. Everyone would gather at the VFW where veterans gave short speeches. Then there was a parade of the local band, the Boy Scout troop, and the veterans from the various wars walking (or riding if they were too old) from the VFW to the cemetery. The townspeople walked alongside. At the cemetery, there was a nice ceremony as wreaths were laid at the memorials.

We are not yet sure where to find Memorial Day celebrations in our new area. We couldn’t find any this year–which doesn’t mean that they don’t have any, we just didn’t know where to look. I’m sure we will become more familiar with what the area offers; it just takes time.

Yesterday we sort of had a cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the other traditional foods. Only, we couldn’t actually grill the burgers and hot dogs because it was MUCH too windy. We cooked them on the stove instead. We had guests and we were going to take them on a walk through our forest, but we heard the high wind push down a tree in the forest, so we decided to just walk down the driveway. The high wind also broke the umbrella of our patio table. Despite this, we had a really good time.

Today we mostly just took it easy.

When I opened the garage door this morning to care for the chickens and ducks, I heard the strangest noise. It almost sounded like the horn of an old car or a strange scream–a ERRRR noise. After I heard it a few times, I realized that it was one of the roosters trying to crow. I told him that with a bit of practice, I’m sure he would learn to do better. I wanted to video his new crow, but after I ran to get my camera, I didn’t hear him again.

May 30, 2016 A 011
Six young chickens exploring on their first day out of the coop.

The younger chickens were emptying their water before I could get out there in the mornings even though I had put the large water dish in their coop. So I decided this morning that they were old enough to be released from their coop and join the older birds. Outside of the coop they’d have access to more water, as well as more food. They were nervous to be outside the coop and kept together as a group, but I’m sure they will soon be right at home.

Later, EJ did a few things around the house. I did laundry and hung the clothes on the line. I also took several wheelbarrow loads of stones to place along the sides of the driveway. We have to build a bunch of small stone dams along the driveway to slow the rush of water when it rains so gullies don’t form.

Last night and today I had a few anxiety attacks from the extra stress we’ve had lately. So late this afternoon EJ took me for a drive. First he drove me past the house we almost bought. We had placed an offer on the house, but the sellers decided they didn’t want to sell it after all. That house was ok, but I’m glad that deal fell apart because I love the house and property we bought much, much more.

Afterwards we decided to drive to a couple of nature areas. The first one was a beautiful little pond. In the middle of the pond was a bird that at first we thought was a pelican, but which we later identified as a swan. We forgot our binoculars so it was really hard to tell what it was at first. The pond had a dam with a stream rushing out of it. There were steps along the dam that led down into a beautiful forest of trees with tangled roots. I’m not sure how old the trees were, but they felt old. It reminded me of Fangorn Forest, the old forest where the Ents lived in The Lord of the Rings. It felt as if the trees would wake up and start walking at any moment.

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Later we went to another nature area that had seven bridges winding among a rushing river. The river split and rejoined many times. We enjoyed the fragrance of the trees and the music of the river. Here, too, many of the trees had tangled roots that were twisted into beautiful works of art:

Here is a video of part of our walk:

It was a wonderful day.


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