Piper and the Blue Angels

This weekend, besides being the USA’s Independence Day (on July 4th) was also the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City. There are a lot of activities going on, but the one that interested us the most was the air show. EJ works right next to the airport and while he was on his lunch breaks this week, he watched the Blue Angels arrive and then practice every day.

We enjoyed the Blue Angels with a small group of others.
We avoided huge crowds by watching the Blue Angels at EJ’s company which is next to the airport.

EJ’s description of the Blue Angel’s awesome flying skills make me really want to go see them.  However, neither EJ nor I were crazy about fighting the huge crowds. I had read that a million people were in town for the National Cherry Festival. We debated whether to watch the Blue or avoid the crowds and we finally decided to drive to EJ’s company and watch them there and hopefully there wouldn’t be too many people with the same idea. It was a good decision. There was only a small group of people there. We were at “ground zero” of the performance, but we were able to watch the planes take off and land and we got to see quite a bit of the performance. It was awesome.

JJ couldn’t be with us so he asked that I take pictures and videos. Like, duh, he couldn’t have stopped me! I would have taken them away. It was very difficult to see the planes in the small viewfinder of my camera and I sometimes missed the planes. I actually did better at getting them on video than I expected. I’m currently in the process of uploading a longer video, which is taking a long time because it’s 30 minutes long. You can see it on my You Tube page when it’s finished uploading. Here is a short five minute video that I took. The maroon van at the beginning of the video is the K-9 van that Piper rides in.

I was also really thrilled that I got to see Piper, the cool dog who works at the Cherry Capital Airport chasing away wild birds and animals so planes can take off and land safely. He is very stylish and has become an internet star. I always look for him whenever we drive near the airport, but this is the first time I’ve actually been able to see him. EJ laughed that sometimes I ignored the multi-million dollar planes to watch the dog. I told him that, hey, that’s how I am–and now I can cross “seeing Piper” off my bucket list.

We ended our day by stopping in at the grocery store where JJ works. He was working in the deli. With the holiday weekend, it’s been crazy busy and he’s worked a lot of overtime. Usually we wave to him, but when we saw how busy he was, we just continued on our way. We bought Moomer’s Ice Cream, which is the BEST ice cream EVER.

Oh, this even EJ told me that one of his co-workers knows where we live and he says that a bear is known to be only about 3 miles from us. Yikes! Fortunately–or so I’ve read–bears are really shy and will avoid humans unless they find a food source.


One Comment on “Piper and the Blue Angels

  1. What a great experience for the two of you, so much fun to see the BAngle’s and to be that close, and I’m with you Teri, stay away from the Festival, there will be better days. Keep enjoying!!


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