Snow and Wind

Winter hit hard and fast
Winter hit hard and fast

I can’t believe the crazy weather we are getting! Yesterday the temperatures reached 70 degrees and today we have winter. The high winds began to rise yesterday afternoon and this morning it began to snow. Both winds and snow has continued all day. The meteorologist forecasted wind gusts of 50+ mph and several inches of snow today.

Whenever we have high winds, the forest trees really begin to sway wildly. Often we hear creaking and sometimes crashing as a tree falls. It’s kind of spooky. I took a video of the winds this evening:

We made it through the night without losing power! The power flickered off once, but came right back on. We lost our Internet last night, but it was back by morning. The power flickered but so far it’s remaining on. I’m hoping and praying it stays on. EJ was going to return home from his hunting trip tomorrow, but he has decided to start home after dark tonight. I’m rather relieved. I don’t really want EJ to cut short his trip, or to drive home on dangerous roads and high winds (he’s a good driver and he says the roads aren’t that bad), but I’d actually prefer him to be home. Last year EJ taught me how to hook up the propane heater, but I’m not sure I can remember how to do it and I’d really prefer that he give me a refresher course before I have to do it myself.

When the weather is bad, I kind of miss the wood stove we had at our old house. If we lost our power, all I had to do was throw another log on the fire and we kept toasty warm.

This morning when I let the chickens and ducks out, I arranged the garage door so it was open just enough for them to get in and out. After the power flickered, I thought that it really wouldn’t be good if the power went out and I couldn’t get the garage door closed for the night, so I decided to get shut them in the garage a couple of hours early. When I went outside, they were all in the garage already. The weather had apparently gotten too nasty for them.

While I was putting the birds to bed, I got propane tank from the big wooden box in the chicken pen and lugged it over to the front deck. That way we don’t have to struggle with it if the power goes out in the night.

JJ is at work. I will be glad when my guys are safe at home.

4 Comments on “Snow and Wind

  1. I believe you have or had the storm that went through here earlier, though it wasn’t quite full force when it left us. There were parts of South Dakota that had some nasty weather. We must have been on the edge. Hope you and the birds are able to stay warm.


  2. Oh TJ just the thought of you being there alone when the weather is up side down would not be very much fun. Do hope the the men are home and that this day was a good one for all of you, love and prayers your way. Now the clincher would be if EJ got his deer.


    • Being alone in such bad weather and not sure I remembered how to set up the propane heater did make me nervous. But EJ got home from hunting and JJ got home from work. I was glad to have us all together.

      EJ did not get his deer. He might go hunting again after Thanksgiving next week.


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