Turkeys and the Straw

Yesterday the power flickered off and on a few times through the day. Fortunately we didn’t lose our power for more than a couple of seconds but EJ was worried we might lose it so he decided to drive home last night instead of this morning. He drove through some pretty nasty weather, but I must confess that I was relieved to have him home.

Here is a YouTube video a guy named Charles Russell shared with Michigan Emergency Weather Notification at FB. It shows the weather we had in Northern Michigan last night and the nasty conditions that EJ drove through to get home to us. (The guy also took this video earlier in the day.)

Tomorrow when he gets home from work, EJ is going to remind me how to set up the propane heating so I can do it when he is not home.

With winter arriving so suddenly, I got our winter boots out of storage from the pantry yesterday. Our pantry is HUGE and stores a lot more than food. In fact, the previous owner had a jeep business–he installed lift-kits on jeeps–and I think our pantry used to be where he stored his jeep parts. It’s a large room with sturdy shelves. Anyway, JJ laughed at me when I said that I was going to spray my boots with spider killer spray before I put them on. However, I would think spiders would love to make their home in an unused boot and I didn’t want any nasty surprises. I sprayed JJ’s boots a bit too.

I opened the garage door high enough this morning so the chickens and ducks could go outside. I’ve read that it’s ok to let chickens and ducks outside in the winter. If they don’t like the weather, they won’t go out. A couple of hours later when I took Danny outside, I noticed that none of the poultry were outside so I decided that they must not like cold, windy, snowy, icy days, and I just shut them all in for the day.

In the early afternoon, EJ and I drove to the farm store to buy some straw. I’ve been reading on all the duck/chicken pages that straw makes good insulation in the winter. If I had known how icy the roads were, though, I never would have wanted to leave home. They were pure ice and we saw two vehicles in ditches on the way.

We were going to stop at a local farm store, but on our way we remembered that they are closed on Sundays. So we drove to TSC instead and bought four bundles of straw. The employee who helped us said that everyone was buying straw today; he had already re-stocked the shelves four times and he still had to go into the back room to get us some. I also bought two heated water buckets–one for the chickens and one for the ducks–so their water doesn’t freeze in the cold. Our poultry is so spoiled. I spent the afternoon spreading straw around and setting up their heated water buckets.

I found only four eggs today. I think it’s too cold for the chickens to feel like laying eggs.  I read that extra eggs can be frozen and then used during the winter when the hens don’t lay is much, so I’ve been trying it. I haven’t yet had to use any frozen eggs.

On our way home from the farm store, we stopped at the grocery store where JJ works. They are having a great bargain on turkeys. If we spend $50 we can buy their store brand turkeys for 49 cents a pound. We bought some  supplies for our Thanksgiving meal and the turkey. EJ’s sister invited us to spend Thanksgiving with her, but EJ is so tired that he really just wanted a quiet day at home. That’s fine. Today’s turkey was actually the third one we have bought during the last week. The price is so good that we figured we could buy several and freeze them so we can have a turkey now and then throughout the year. I love making–and eating–homemade potpies.

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