I meant to get on my computer and wish all my USA friends a Happy Thanksgiving! However, I was very busy preparing for our own Thanksgiving and I didn’t have time. So here’s a belated…



My mincemeat pie.
My mincemeat pie.

Wednesday I spent the day making pies. I planned to make two pumpkin pies and two mincemeat pies. Even though mincemeat is my favorite kind of pie, I promised JJ he could take one of them to his co-workers because none of them had ever heard of mincemeat. He also took them a jar of spiced apple rings because they had never heard of them either. These two items are part of our essential traditional Thanksgiving meal and we couldn’t believe they didn’t know what they were. I remarked to JJ, “They have heard of Thanksgiving turkey, right? And do they know about second breakfast?”

JJ came home after delivering the pie and apple rings to his co-workers with whip cream for our pies and two cans of cherry pie filling. “It sure would be nice if someone would make cherry pies!” he hinted repeatedly. So I made an additional two pies.

Every Thanksgiving EJ makes the turkey while I do everything else. It’s just one less thing that I have to do. I declared that I wasn’t going to make a huge feast for just the three of us, but no one was willing to give up a favorite traditional dish, so I make the green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, stuffing (from a box), and homemade dinner rolls. I was glad that I did because in addition to it all being very good, we love the leftovers. On Friday After Thanksgiving we all fix ourselves meals from the leftovers whenever we get hungry. A day or so later, I always make homemade pies from the leftover turkey.

We had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving day. It was wonderful.

Today was a busy work day.

The Lowes crew is arriving on Monday to build our shed–which will be our new chicken/duck coop–so we had to dismantle part of the outside pen to give them access to where we want shed located. Actually we dismantled most of the pen.

The smaller temporarily pen. The new pen will begin to the right of the garage door.
The smaller temporary pen. The new pen will begin to the right of the garage door.

Ok, this is sort of complicated to describe: Since the chickens/ducks will no longer be going into the garage, we are reconfiguring the outside pens. We are eliminating the duck pen–I mean, where it is now located. The new pen will begin on the right side of the garage door and go around the back of the garage. The garage door will then be outside the pen.

Today we reduced the size of the current duck and chicken pens as much as possible. Except for the few posts we still need in place (temporarily) so the ducks and chickens can still get outside until their new home is ready, we removed the wooden posts to the left of the garage door. We took out all the t-posts in the pen behind the garage, which is where the new shed/coop will be, and replaced them with the wooden posts. I pried out the staples holding the fencing to the wooden posts while EJ dug post holes and installed the posts we took out in their new location. EJ will use the t-posts for the snow fence along the driveway.

The weather had warmed enough on Thanksgiving that most of the snow is gone. The melted snow made muddy puddles in the duck pen, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They played and splashed while we worked. The chickens were very interested in what we were doing. I explained to them that soon they would have a wonderful new coop.

We had hoped to get most of the fencing re-installed on the wooden posts behind the garage and the t-posts put in along the driveway today. However, we will have to put off that job until Sunday because while we were still setting up the wooden posts in their new location, it began to rain…and at times sort of sleet. The rain/sleet was hard enough that we got rather soaked. The rain and damp was cold. We finished putting up the posts and then went inside to get warm and dry.

Mid-morning our power suddenly went out. It was a surprise because it wasn’t even raining at that time. I called our electric company and their automated message said that several counties were without power and it could take several hours to get it back on. Fortunately, our power came on after about 10 minutes.

My camera had developed a dark spot on the lens in one corner. Since I take a lot of photos, EJ bought me a new camera. It arrived today. I spent the evening hours trying to figure it out. It took me forever to figure out how to set up my camera so I could send my photos from the camera to my computer via wifi. I’m giving the old camera to EJ. It’s fine for what he wants to use it for.


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