Shed & Windows

Yesterday the guy from Lowes came to build our new shed. I had never had a shed built before so I was kind of surprised that just one man came instead of a crew. He arrived a little after noon and worked on the shed until it was too dark to see. He got all of it finished yesterday except for shingling the roof. He got here early this morning to finish it up.

I love the new shed. It is big, roomy, sturdy, and pretty. We located it behind the garage. The garage will help shield it from the weather. It is also not far from the outside faucet so it will be easier to fill up water buckets and, in the summer, fill the ducks’ pool. It’s also not far from the “man-door” entrance to the garage.

My paint clothes on the floor.
My paint clothes on the floor

Today I painted the shed. When the building date was scheduled for late November, I was concerned that the weather would be too cold to paint. However the temperature was forecasted to be in the high 50s today with clear skies (although it rained buckets last night)–just perfect for painting. I do not know if the temperatures actually reached into the 50s. However, I felt comfortable in the clothes I wear for painting. My paint clothes are a pair of old jeans, an old t-shirt, and an old sweatshirt. I don’t ever wash them so they are splattered with paint from a variety of projects–which means they are actually splattered with memories of painting this room or that item. Because it felt a little chilly when I started working, I put an old–but not paint splattered–peach-colored hoodie under my sweat shirt.

Our shed. It’s actually bigger than it looks in the photo.

I started out painting the trim. JJ had to get a paper written for his college class, but he spared enough time to paint three sides of the shed with the roller. The roller didn’t get inside the grooves of the siding very well, so after JJ painted the large areas, I followed with a paint brush and got inside the grooves. After he left, I finished painting the trim and also the fourth side of the shed–where the doors are. That side was harder to paint so it took me awhile. I would have liked to have painted the trim a contrasting color, but we had to get the shed painted today before the weather conditions make it impossible to paint.

We got the whole shed painted except for the bottom of the shed–what I call the “foundation boards.” I didn’t have enough paint left to do that. By the time I finished for the day, I was totally exhausted and my body ached. JJ saw how tired I was so he drove to the grocery store where he works (it’s only two miles away) and bought us a taco pizza for supper. I thought that was very sweet.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, but that’s ok because I’m going to be working inside the shed. I’m going to paint the floor with porch paint in an attempt to protect it from messy ducks who get water everywhere.

After the floor is painted, I will have to set up fencing to separate the ducks from the chickens. I have to figure out whether I want to divide the 10 x 12 shed side to side or front to back. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. EJ will have to make two little doors in the side of the shed so the ducks and chickens can go in and out without leaving the large doors open. I have to decide whether to put the coops inside the shed. They will take up space but will provide perching and nesting areas for the birds. If I don’t move the coops in the shed, we will need to build perches and nesting boxes. And I will have to finish the perimeter of the outside enclosure. I would like to get it all done by the weekend so the ducks and chickens can get moved in and EJ can have his garage back.

See? I am busy, busy, busy.

The shed is going well, but the window installation is not. The installers were supposed to call us around Nov. 14 to schedule a time for them to come install our windows. I waited a week, and when I didn’t hear anything from them, I called Lowes….twice–once last week and once this week. Both times Lowes contacted the installers who said they’d get back to me the same day, but they didn’t. I emailed and left voicemail messages for the Project Coordinator, but she never returned my calls. I was getting frustrated because we’ve had all these relatively warm-ish days in November when we could have gotten the windows in. The longer it takes to get the window installation scheduled, the higher the likelihood that winter’s brutality will hit before the windows are in. I really don’t want the old windows taken out (imagine no windows in the house and our house open to the elements) and the new windows put in during sub-zero temperatures and blizzardy snow. That is IF they can even get up our driveway.

I finally heard from the project coordinator late this afternoon. She said they are going to get a new installer for us. Apparently the current ones aren’t working out. She said she would keep us informed, which is really what I wanted in the first place. I mean, I am pretty understanding but I’d like to know that we haven’t been forgotten and I’d like our questions and concerns heard.


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