The Midnight Journey to the Magic Box

My supply of pillow forms was getting low, so I recently ordered more. A pillow form is an uncovered or plainly decorated pillow that is used in home decor and crafts projects. I use pillow forms to make the decorative pillows, such as the one below, that I sell at my Etsy store.

My order was supposed to arrive yesterday via UPS. I suddenly realized late last night that no UPS truck had driven up my driveway to deliver my package so I checked my emails and found a notification that my package had been delivered. I got on my coat, hat, boots, and mittens and went out into the dark frigid night to look for it. I did not find it on or near our porch. So I came back inside and went to the UPS website and talked to one of their people through Live Chat. The UPS “agent” said that the package had been delivered to our “UPS Box.” Huh?

The only “box” we have is at the very bottom of our long, long driveway. The previous owner of our house used to put his trash in to keep it safe from bears until it was time to put the trash near the road for pickup. The box is sturdy, empty and, after all these years, not smelly or nasty. It’s actually a good place to put packages if UPS or FEDEX couldn’t make it up our driveway in the winter. In fact, when we first moved here I thought that was the purpose of the box. I called it the “Magic Box” because I expected to find packages there. Only I never did.

The Magic Box was the only “UPS Box” I could think of where the package could have been left. Only…the box was covered in about two feet of snow and I didn’t think the UPS man would have taken the time to shovel a path to the Box and clear the snow off the lid. I had meant to do it, but by the time I finished snowblowing the driveway, I was always too tired and cold.

I didn’t like the idea of walking down the long, steep driveway through the brutal cold in the dark night, but I thought I had better go check to see if the package was there. The box can be seen from the road and we were expecting 50 mph winds so I couldn’t risk the pillows being stolen or blown away overnight. I didn’t want to go alone so I asked JJ if he wanted to go on a Midnight Journey to the Magic Box with me. He agreed. We put on our warm coats, hats, mittens, and boots, and took along flashlights to light our path.

Santa Jared carrying my package through the cold snowy night.
Santa Jared carrying my package through the cold snowy night.

We found my package tossed on the top of the snow-covered Magic Box. I wasn’t happy about that–not in the least. I muttered a little as JJ carried the package up the driveway for me. He had worn his Santa hat, which he bought last year to wear at work during the Christmas season. He looked so Santa Clause-ish carrying my package that I asked him to lend me his smart phone so I could take a photo of him. I hadn’t thought to bring along my camera.

Although I good-naturedly muttered about my package being left in the snow, the delivery men had suggested leaving our packages in the Magic Box several times–both last year and this year–but they had never left any there. They always brought then up to the house. I didn’t realize that the UPS man had actually told EJ a few weeks ago that he was absolutely not going to drive up our driveway during the winter. If I had known that, I would have made sure to clear off the Magic Box, tired or not.

The Magic Box buried in snow.
The Magic Box buried in snow. If you look closely, you can see where the package had been set.

Our driveway is so steep and long that it becomes the topic of conversation whenever anyone comes to our house. Everyone mentions how steep it is and how terrible it must be to drive on during the winter. Although I love sledding down the hill, I’m actually quite anxious about trying to drive up/down it in the winter months. When EJ or JJ go anywhere, I pray that they won’t get stuck. When I ride with EJ and JJ, I keep my eyes closed so I don’t have to see if we start sliding towards the ditch. So I can’t really blame the delivery men for not wanting to risk driving on the driveway in their big delivery van. I’m not particularly overjoyed that the package was left in the snow, even so. But at least I was able to safely retrieve it.

This morning I sledded down the hill with a shovel to the Magic Box. I shoveled a path to it and then I shoveled off the top so that the lid could be easily lifted. EJ and I have discussed whether the Magic Box is “ours” and perhaps moving it eventually so it can’t be seen from the road.


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