Enchanting Forest Critters

JJ has made several unsuccessful attempts to drive in to the college to buy his books (the bookstore was closed for the holidays), but yesterday he tried again and was finally able to get his books before his new classes start. He wanted company so I went with him. We always have a friendly debate over who will drive. I said, “Your errand, you drive.” It is so beautiful here that I like to be the passenger and take photos. I can’t do that if I drive.

Today we are expecting several inches of new snow. Then the snow will switch to rain, which will make driving dangerous when the temps drop towards evening and the rain freezes. We also could get high winds up to 60 mph which could cause trees to fall and power outages. I’m really praying EJ gets home before the weather gets nasty. Fortunately, JJ doesn’t have to work today.

Although winter has its challenges, there is also a lot of magical delight to the season. It’s absolutely gorgeous to watch the snow falling. And I love to watch the wildlife. During the summer the birds and other animals tend to stay hidden in the forest. However, in the winter when the bears are hibernating, I am able to put out my bird feeders which draws the birds out where I can see and enjoy them. Mostly we get chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches, and four different types of woodpeckers. Occasionally we see blue jays and very rarely we see a cardinal. All year we see crows and ravens flying overhead, and once in a while they visit the feeders.

Word gets around and other critters are attracted to our feeders as well. We occasionally get flocks of turkeys–sometimes as many as 25.

Just recently the deer have been visiting the bird feeders. They really love eating the seed mix that I put out for the birds. A couple of times I have put out a carrot as a special treat for them. Every evening at least one, most of the time at least two, and as many as six deer come to our feeders. A couple of them are quite young and visit with their Mamas.

It’s really a delight to watch them. They are quite skittish so just before I expect them to start arriving, I sit on the couch where I have a good view of the feeders through the windows. When I see them, I quietly lift my camera and zoom in to take photos or videos. Some of the deer are very curious and come right up to the windows to peer in at us. One cute little deer played a game of “peek-a-boo” with us. It makes me wonder if we are observing them or they are observing us.

This next video is of a Mama trying to reach the seed in the tray feeder just outside the window while her baby watches. Just as she walked away, my battery died and the camera turned itself off:

You can see other videos at my Youtube page. (I hope this link to my Youtube page works!)

Here is a collection of photos I’ve taken over the last few days:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really love watching the wildlife here. It’s so magical and enchanting. I love living here!


2 Comments on “Enchanting Forest Critters

  1. We have the cardinals at our feeders and many others. The falcons and hawks are always a challenge for the little ones, we have much protection for them but seems they are always wary of the danger from the bigger birds and for good reason. We had snow last night and now it is raining, good day to stay inside. Blessings.


    • Not so many cardinals up here. I miss them. We have a lot of crows and ravens, which I really like. We have seen some hawks, but I read that the crows and ravens chase them off so they haven’t been a problem to our birds.

      It is currently still snowing here, but I see on radar that the rain is inching our way. It really is a good day to stay inside. I’m enjoying the view outside the window and I will be glad when EJ makes it home!


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