The Mattress

So today was the BIG day that our new mattress was scheduled to arrive!!! Yay!

EJ has been sleeping on JJ’s old twin mattress while I slept on the couch. The couch is very comfy for sitting on, but not as comfortable as the mattress is for sleeping on. EJ offered to let me have a turn at sleeping on the mattress but I refused because he has been suffering from greater-than-normal back pain lately and I thought he should have the better “bed.” I don’t sleep well on the couch and wake up with a sore back every morning. I’ve been enduring by counting the “(not) sleeps” until our new mattress arrived.

Sears texted me last night that the new mattress would be delivered between 9:45 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. this morning. In preparation, JJ shoveled a path to the front door last night while EJ snowblowed up near the house. We had a dilemma because it had rained several days ago. The rain froze and made our driveway very icy. The only thing that provided any sort of traction was the several inches of snow that has fallen. So do we snowblow or not?

This morning I was going to re-snowblow the areas EJ had cleared last night and maybe also the driveway because we had gotten several more inches of snow and I wasn’t sure the delivery guys would even want to attempt driving up to the house with so much snow. I filled the snowblower with gas, turned it on, and started out of the garage, but the snowblower motor started smoking and I saw that the blades weren’t rotating so I quickly turned it off and tried to see what the problem was. I found a thin strip of metal had gotten wrapped around the blades. I got it out, but couldn’t start the snowblower. Later I got the snowblower going again, but the blades still didn’t rotate. EJ texted that it is probably the belt. Not something I know how to fix.

JJ and I used shovels to clear off the places near the house. At just before 9:45 a.m., we headed down to the end of the driveway with the EJ’s big ice-fishing sled to wait for the delivery men. I didn’t want the guys to look at our driveway and decide not to deliver our mattress when we are willing to pull it up on the sled if we have to. The sled is so heavy that I didn’t know how we could pull it up with the added burden of a queen-sized mattress on it, but we’d manage somehow. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. EJ had said last night that we could attach it to the snowblower and use the snowblower to pull it up but, well, with the snowblower not working, that wasn’t going to happen.

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We waited for two hours in the snowy cold for the delivery men to arrive. Nothing. So I checked the “delivery status” on-line and it said, “Delivered.” It was NOT delivered. I called Sears, listened to the answering machine messages giving me a bunch of options. I hate that. I finally was connected to someone with such a strong India accent that I could hardly understand her. I finally understood that she was telling me to call the local store. She gave me a phone number. So I called, and I had to listen to another bunch of answering machine options. When a real person finally answered, she spoke so softly and fast that I really understood only about half of what she said. I told her a couple of times that I couldn’t understand her and needed her to repeat herself. I did understand that she was telling me that my “blah, blah, blah, next delivery date would be January blah, blah.” I said “No.” No we aren’t waiting another two weeks for the mattress. So then she told me that the delivery men would be at my home within two hours.

I waited another hour and a half outside. I shoveled some of the 500 foot driveway to maybe make it more attractive for the delivery men to drive up the driveway to our house.

When the second two hours expired, I chatted with someone on-line from Sears, who tried to discover the problem, who then told me to call the delivery team. So I did (again), listened to the options, waited on hold, and was connected to a guy with an India accent, but not as strong as the first person. I probably understood about 75 percent of what he said. He asked me what time it was where I was, so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t in the USA. He tried to tell me that the mattress had been delivered. I told him that I have waited outside most of the day and unless the delivery guys recently drove up and threw the mattress in the snow at the end of the driveway, it was definitely NOT delivered. I also mentioned that I had ASKED them to call me when they neared our area if they had any difficulty finding us and they had not called. Like everyone else I talked to today, he verified my address. He also said he wanted to verify my phone number, but he rattled off my old number from the old house downstate. YIKES! Was our mattress delivered to the old house? But no, everyone verified the correct address. And, I told the guy, I had made sure that they had my correct phone number. PLUS the text informing me of the delivery time was sent to my current phone number. He said (I think) that if he had to reorder another mattress, the delivery date would be January 27.

I confess I yelled because I am exhausted, achy, cold, and very frustrated. I used to be very understanding and very patient and very enduring…but doggone it.

The did a bit more checking and said that our mattress is actually still on the truck and they will deliver it when they have delivered all the other items.

We shall see.

I’m still waiting…

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    • Thanks for asking!

      Ugh. EJ drove to the Sears store and talked to a REAL person last night, explaining to her the situation. (All my calls–even to the local store–were being forward to a call center in India and they really could do very little beyond their scripted info). I’ll probably write about this in more detail in soon, but basically the woman scheduled the delivery for tomorrow. She gave EJ her personal phone number and said if the mattress is not here by noon to give her a call. So we shall see…At least EJ will be home to handle any problems that might arise.

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