Whoo Hoo!

We had a really nice weekend. It rained all day Saturday through Sunday morning. I’m not sure exactly how much rain we got, but nearby areas ranged from 1.43 to 2.23 inches. The temperatures were very warm–up in the high 70s!!

Sunday morning EJ glanced out the window and then called to me asking, “What kind of bird is that?” I took several photos of it so that we could have a reference to identify it if it flew away. I guessed that it could be a Northern Flicker even though I couldn’t really remember what a Northern Flicker looked like. I went to our library for our Michigan Birds book, leafed through the pages, and was surprised that I had guessed correctly.  We learned that Northern Flickers are woodpeckers, but they are usually on the ground rather than trees. They mainly ants and beetles, digging for them with their unusual, slightly curved bill.

While it was raining during the morning, I did laundry. However, in the early afternoon the rain moved off so I went outside to work. I dug up another wheelbarrow full of lilies. It was harder to dig them up because they have grown a little bigger. Once I had a wheelbarrow full, I planted them with the others along the driveway. The lilies I have planted seem to be doing quite well. It should be pretty when they bloom. Most importantly, I’m hoping they will hold the soil and stop erosion.

After a short break, I went out to the back yard and moved our burning barrel. I usually rake out the used straw from the coop into the pens and I felt that the barrel was too close. I didn’t want to risk a spark setting the straw on fire. EJ agreed. I emptied the barrel of ashes and moved it to the place where our campfires had been. It is far enough from the house, the forest, and the coop to be safe, I think.

While I was outside working at moving the burning barrel, I heard a woodpecker drilling in the forest. I wasn’t able to find the woodpecker, but the sound of his rat-tat-tatting echoed loudly. It was pretty cool.

Meanwhile, EJ examined the HHR. It gets good gas mileage, but we don’t drive it in the winter because we need four-wheel drive vehicles to handle the snow. However, EJ had discovered that it had a leak in the fuel line. He googled it and discovered that it’s a common problem with HHRs.

This presented a problem because I was summoned for Jury Duty on the 18th and 19th (Tues and Wednesday) and I needed to have transportation. EJ drives the Suburban to work and JJ usually drives the Xterra to school. JJ has classes all day on Tuesdays but he has nowhere to go on Wednesday so only Tuesday would present a problem. Well, until JJ forgot that I had Jury Duty when he called this morning to schedule a physical for his new park ranger job at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Bummer. We have been discussing various options, including EJ taking the day off on Tuesday so I could get to the courthouse. I have been summoned for Jury Duty many times over the years and although I don’t theoretically have a problem with being a juror, I always get called at inconvenient times–such as during exam week at college, or just before my wedding, or when JJ was a toddler and I had no baby sitter, or when I was struggling with chronic health problems. This time it was a problem with transportation. And my mind was also busy with figuring out what time I had to get up to get the animals all cared for before I left, and what to do about meals, and all that sort of thing.

Image result for cancelledIn the instructions I received in the mailed, I was told to call the courthouse after 5 p.m. today to see if and at what time I had to be at court. Sometimes, the instructions said, a trial is canceled–because of plea bargaining or whatever. I hoped, but didn’t expect, that the case would be cancelled. With a bit of trepidation, I dialed the number at 5:03 p.m. I was shocked to hear that the trials had been cancelled for BOTH Tuesday and Wednesday so I didn’t have to appear! After I hung up the phone, I went dancing through the house shouting loud WHOO HOOs. JJ poked his head out of his bedroom door and looked at me as if I was crazy. He totally understood, though, when I sang that my Jury Duty was cancelled. It solves so many problems! We don’t have to worry about schedules or transportation or anything! Whoo Hoo!

EJ arrived home a few minutes later. I made him and JJ listen to the Jury Duty recording to double-check that I didn’t have to serve. They verified it. Whoo Hoo!

EJ said he had had a really good day today. His boss had asked him how his weekend had gone, and EJ told him about the HHR. His boss sat down at the computer and googled HHR fuel line leak and it appears that it is a very common problem that is under a recall. If that is true then we can take it to the shop and get the problem fixed for free, which means we don’t have to scrape up the money for repairs. What a relief!




One Comment on “Whoo Hoo!

  1. Boy you had major prayers answered, the burdened of worry was lifted and you could breath much easier, praise the Lord JJ. Keep enjoying the beauty of the day. Love ya, Linda


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