Cuddles’ Favorite Game

The lilies are all along both sides of the driveway

Because my jury duty was canceled (happy dance!) I spent the afternoon digging up more tiger lilies from around the big rocks. They really have spread in that area so although I have dug up about four wheelbarrows full of lilies, there are still many, many growing by the rocks. I keep planting them along the driveway. Most of the transplanted lilies are thriving. They are going to be very beautiful when they all bloom. Plus, they will help with erosion.

Cuddles, my male duck, is such an odd duck. He has come up with a game that he loves to play: He, uhm, loves to goose the chickens.

Cuddles is actually quite clever. He knows that when I come outside, the chickens all run up near the fence to see me so as soon as he sees me, Cuddles waddles as fast as he can to the fence. Then he waits and when a hen comes close to the fence he reaches in and plucks her feathers. Sassy, our alpha rooster, tries to protect his flock by keeping in between Cuddles and the hens–Cuddles doesn’t mess with Sassy because Sassy will peck him. Sassy is an awesome rooster and takes good care of his flock. However, despite Sassy’s protective efforts, every now and then a hen gets too close to the fence and Cuddles strikes. He is incorrigible. Here is a video of Cuddles in action:

Cuddles loves his game so much that even though he loves treats, he will ignore them if he has a chance to goose the hens. He is a very bad duck!


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