Spring Blessings

Yesterday evening after supper I went to the store where JJ works to buy groceries. JJ was working and, as he often does, he noticed that I was in the store so he can up to say “hi!” I noticed that he had a mask–the type used when doing things like sanding dry wall mud–pushed up onto his forehead. “Why are do you have a mask on your forehead?” I asked, amused. He told me that the restroom in the store was plugged so they had put a sign on the door that it was closed. Someone had taken down the sign and used the toilet and flushed it repeatedly. Apparently, it caused sewage in drains throughout the store to bubble up. JJ was assigned the task of cleaning it up. “So you are telling me that you have had a very crappy day,” I laughed. One of JJ’s co-workers was standing nearby and we all laughed. JJ got to leave work early so he could go home and get cleaned up. Yuck.

EJ had an interesting drive home from work last night. He was at an intersection and saw an iphone fall from a boat as the vehicle pulling it turned the corner. The phone had been set on the boat and forgotten–you know how that goes, I’m sure. EJ later learned that it had ridden on the boat for over an hour before it fell off. EJ turned around and retrieved the phone. He drove around a little bit to see if he could find the owner, but wasn’t able to locate the vehicle so he brought it home. When the phone rang, he answered it and told the caller that he had found the phone and wanted to return it. They decided to meet at the parking lot of JJ’s store this morning. I went with EJ. The people arrived to get their phone. The owner repeatedly and profusely thanked EJ and kept shaking his hand. He offered to give EJ a reward, but EJ refused. Being able to help others is rewarding enough.

The Bay was very still

JJ had a physical for his new job on Wednesday. It included a TB test, which he had to get checked today.  So we all drove to the clinic in the Emerald City. We enjoyed the drive through incredible scenery and past beautiful lakes. The water of the Bay was very still today, and it looked as if the sky and water blended together. We never get tired of the scenery here.

EJ and I waited in the Suburban while JJ went into the clinic. He was only gone for about 5 minutes, tops, because all they had to do was look at it. JJ exclaimed that this was his shortest visit to a medical place EVER.

We try not to do any business on Shabbat, but since we had to go to the clinic anyway, we stopped at the farm store afterwards. We try to combine errands whenever possible to save gas and money. I bought Danny some dog food because he is almost out, and we bought cat food, scratch grains for the chickens, and straw for the poultry’s bedding.

After JJ left for work, EJ, Danny, and I walked down to the mailbox to get the mail. We took a slight detour through our meadow, which we have named “Deer Meadow” because the deer like to bed down there. We found a few golf balls in the meadow. EJ enjoys hitting golf balls with his golf club. He leaves them wherever they land and hits them again at a future time–sometimes weeks or months later.

On the way back from the mailbox, we took another detour through our forest. I kept a sharp eye out for snakes, ticks, and giant spiders. I saw a giant spider crawl across the forest floor, but no snakes or ticks. Eric found some flowers, which he learned are called “trout lilies” and also a lot of wild leeks.

The temperature was 28 degrees when I got up this morning, and there was a skim of ice in the ducks’ pool and in the water buckets. However, after days of rain and clouds, we had cloudless blue skies. The highs reached about 60s–warm but with a refreshing chill. Just perfect.

We opened the windows to let the fresh air in. I enjoy having the windows open. I not only enjoy the fresh air, but with the windows open I am able to clearly hear the roosters crowing. Rooster crows make me feel happy. Every time I hear them, a beautiful “warm fuzzy” imagine comes to mind of early mornings in the country.   Sort of like this:

With the Spring rains and warmer temps, the grass is getting green and there is a faint haze of green on the trees as the leaves begin to bud. I’m beginning to crave buying wildflower seeds and vegetable plants.


2 Comments on “Spring Blessings

  1. Blessings is a beautiful way to live life and you are surrounded with so much peace and adventure, keep enjoying the wonders that unfold before you.
    Happy Shabbat, Linda


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