Disappearing Duck

As soon as EJ leaves for work every morning, I go open the coop doors to let the ducks and chickens out. The ducks are at the front of the coop so they get let out first, and then I go open the little door for the chickens. Afterwards, I refill their water buckets and make sure they have enough food. Then I take a scoop of cracked corn to the chicken’s outdoor pen and scatter it for them to enjoy.

Yesterday when I opened the coop doors, the ducks all came eagerly waddling out, as they always do. I did my chores and when I came out of the coop, I could only see five ducks. One of the rouens (the brown ducks) was not with the others. Usually the three stay very close together. I looked around and couldn’t find the third rouen anywhere, I checked inside the coop, in all the dog houses, in between the raised garden beds. I checked the chicken side of the coop and pen. No rouen. I feared that she had gotten out of the pen completely, but I couldn’t see where she could have escaped, and I didn’t see her anywhere in the yard. She had completely vanished.

I finally gave up because JJ had an appointment to get a physical for his new job and I had promised that I would go with him. I went into our house to get ready. I was concerned about the missing duck so I went into our bedroom and looked out the window–and there were six ducks in the pen. I have no idea where the missing duck had been but the only place I can think that she could have been was under the coop. Silly duck. My poultry sure make life interesting.

Yesterday evening it began to rain, and it rained all night. When I woke up this morning, the power was out. EJ told me that when he got up at 5 a.m., it was really stormy with lots of thunder and lightning.  I hadn’t heard any of it. Fortunately, he turned on the coffee pot as soon as he woke up, so we had hot coffee to drink. I called our electric company first thing to notify them of our power outage, and the power came back on just before EJ left for work.

Looking through a rain-streaked window.

It rained most of the day. When it wasn’t raining, it was damp and soggy. The temperature didn’t rise much above 40 degrees and the cold dampness chilled me to the bone, making me feel tired and unmotivated. I just wanted to curl up in a blanket and sleep. I did get a few things done.

The ducks have no problem with rainy days, of course. They were out enjoying the day.


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