Thirsty Lilies

Yesterday the temperatures warmed up again–into the 60s–so I was able to open the windows. Yay! We are supposed to have sunshine and nice temperatures for the next several days. I like these temps because it’s warm enough to not have to wear coats, but it’s cool enough to enjoy working outside without overheating. The only negative thing about the sunshine is that my lilies along the driveway are getting a little droopy with thirst. The problem with sandy soil is that it doesn’t hold moisture so we need frequent rain to keep plants watered. I’m hoping for more rain soon. I can’t exactly water both sides of our 500 foot driveway with a hose.

This morning, as I always do, I drank a cup of coffee to make myself halfway functional and then I went outside to feed Annie, our outside cat, and release the ducks and chickens from their coop. They are always so happy to get outside! I filled the ducks’ swimming pool, filled the ducks and chickens’ water buckets, and made sure everyone had food.

Usually when I come back inside, I enjoy more cups of coffee and FB and sometimes talk to EJ until he goes to work. Sometimes we are both too drowsy for conversation so we sit together in comfortable silence. This morning I started laundry before I sat down. I wanted it get it done early and hung out on the clothesline because JJ and I had errands to do this afternoon.

Several hours later JJ came “whooping” out of his room. (He is a night owl so he sleeps late.) He had been getting nervous because he hadn’t yet heard from his new employers about when he was supposed to begin working. But they called today and he begins his new park ranger job tomorrow. Whoo hoo!

JJ wanted to buy some new hiking boots and a few other things so as soon as he was ready, we drove off. The road he had to turn on to reach the park where he will be working was on the way so we decided to drive there first so he will know exactly where the park is.  The route was beautiful. We went past orchards filled with thousands of cherry trees all in bloom. Our whole region of Michigan is filled with cherry orchards, which is why it’s called the “Cherry Capital of the World.” In the Spring all those cherry trees blossom, and its breathtaking.

I took a few photos on our way to the park, but I mostly had to focus helping JJ find the park. I was able to take more photos on the way home. JJ exclaimed, “I get to drive this beautiful route every day!” When we saw the beautiful park where he will be working, he said, “I’m actually getting paid to work here!” I think he will be taking park fees, selling fishing licenses, and keeping the park clean.

After supper I went back to the store with EJ because he needed to buy a fishing license. He’s going fishing with a friend on Saturday. We had told him how beautiful the park is so on the way home, he detoured to take a look. I hadn’t realized until then that there is camping at the park as well as boating, fishing, and picnicking.

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Curiosity is a good thing to have.

After we left the park this afternoon, JJ and I drove to Meijers so JJ could buy some shoes, foods for his work lunch, and a few other items. I bought a couple of items too. As we were walking up to the checkout lanes, we passed refrigerated shelves with various drinks in them. One cola caught our eye: It’s name was “Curiosity Cola.” “What do you think it tastes like?” we asked each other curiously. “I don’t know. Should we buy a couple of bottles and try it?” JJ decided that he would buy us each a bottle. I told him, “You know this will probably kill us, right?” He asked, “Why do you say that?” I replied, “Because everyone knows that ‘Curiosity killed the cat.'” He stated, “But we aren’t cats.” True, but we are very cat-ish. Well, curiosity might have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. We opened the bottles of Curiosity when we got out to the buggy and both took a swig. We looked at each other in amazement. Oh, my goodness! It was absolutely delicious! The best ever! We drank it down but with great self-control I saved a little bit of mine so EJ could have a taste when he got home. He loved it too! The stores in our area have such interesting items that I’ve seen no other place!

Bags of Seeds

On the way home, we stopped at the little feed store and I bought a bag of “Michigan Roadside Mix” seeds and “Wildlife Habitat Mix” seeds. This little locally own store grows its own seed. The seeds are in bins and we scoop out the amount we want into bags they provide. I can’t wait to plant the seeds. I will probably scatter the Roadside mix along the driveway because I don’t exactly want to encourage deer to eat my erosion control plants. I haven’t decided where to scatter the Wildlife Habitat Mix. I would like to have it grow somewhere where I can watch the deer, turkeys, and other wildlife feast.

Maggie hoping to watch another video

Yesterday a relative shared a video of her dog, Maggie. Apparently, Maggie loves to watch the videos I make of my ducks and chickens. Maggie’s owner said that “She’ll watch them as long as I will! She is such a sweet dog, but she is a herder so she wants to be involved in everything that’s going on.” Later she added, “I just sat down on the couch and brought my laptop over here with me and Maggie’s so excited! She thinks she’s going to see the ducks again! It’s closed and on the end table and she just keeps staring at it.” I thought the video (and photo) was so adorable that I asked if I could share it and was given permission. Here is Maggie watching one of my videos:

Isn’t Maggie adorable? She is my biggest fan. 🙂

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