Let Our Joy Last

JJ started his new job as a park ranger yesterday. Before he left home, he was both excited and nervous. I told him that he would do fine…and, of course, he did. He told us later that he loves the job. He said that the park is really quite large with many campground areas. His duties include signing arriving campers in, selling fishing licenses, collecting boater fees, delivering bundles of firewood, and all the other tasks that staff do at campgrounds. He gets to drive around in the little golf cart, which he thinks is a blast.

Tonight when he returned home, he said that he will be alternating a six-day week with a five day week. He said the job keeps him busy and is quite physical. The fresh air and hard work in the beautiful surroundings will be good for him.

Today EJ went fishing with a new friend and they had a great time. He said the guy is a nice guy and they have a lot in common. At the end of the day, the guy stopped in at our house because he is considering getting some poultry and wanted to see my set up and ask me questions about my ducks and chickens. I proudly showed off my birds and coop and answered the questions as best I could.

I’m really glad that EJ and JJ are having wonderful days. After all we have been through, I think they deserve some good times. Sometimes I pray Psalms 90:15 for my family:

Let our joy last as long as the time you made us suffer,
for as many years as we experienced trouble. (Ps 90:15 CJB)

I spent the day without my guys, but it was still good. It rained a little this morning–not downpour or steady long-lasting rain, but enough to give all the plants a drink. I had been waiting for it to rain before scattering my seeds. I took the bag of Michigan Roadside Mix and scattered it down one side of the driveway and back up the other. I could use another bag. EJ said that we could get more.

I didn’t scatter the Wildlife Habitat seed yet because I wanted time to consider where I want it. I don’t want to plant it along the driveway because I don’t want the deer to hinder my erosion control efforts by munching on the plants. I want to plant the seeds to attract deer, turkeys, or other wildlife within sight of the house so we can watch them. Buying this seed was probably unnecessary, but I really love attracting wildlife.

The other day I commented on a couple of things at an abuse site with a ministry that seeks to educate churches about child predators and to support victims. The founders of the ministry thought I have a real gift of communicating truth. They offered me the opportunity to work with them. I feel very passionate about supporting abuse victims and educating the church/Christians about abuse, but….Yikes. It’s a big step and I don’t want to bit off more than I can chew. I will consider it and probably talk on the phone to the co-founder of the ministry this next week.


Life is full of surprises.

4 Comments on “Let Our Joy Last

  1. I think you will do great in helping out , because you know how it works because of your own experience and that is what people need. But when it is to much to bare right now than maybe it is better to wait awhile. I’ll pray for you Teri. ❤


  2. Prayers to you on the thoughts of accepting a position in the ministry. I agree that you have much to offer and it would be a great thing for you to do. I too will pray for you as you ponder this prospect.


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