Sick Days

JJ is feeling much better. He went back to work on Wednesday. I don’t think he has worked since because we’ve had enough rain that he wasn’t needed. He can’t clean out campsites in the rain.

EJ also went back to work on Wednesday even though he was still suffering back pain. He came home a couple of hours later and said that his company made an appointment for him that afternoon with an occupational doctor. I went with EJ just in case he needed me to drive him home–although I’m not sure I would have been much use since my brain was getting fuzzy with the sinus infection JJ gave me. I waited in the waiting room with EJ until he was called back to the exam room–then I went and sat in the sub to wait for him. The wind was strong and blew clouds of dust across the parking lot.

The doctor put EJ on a restriction until Monday of not lifting more than 15 pounds. That’s not much. EJ went to work on Thursday, but the company told him to just stay home until Monday.

Image result for sickMeanwhile, I have gotten sicker and sicker with the stupid sinus infection. I could feel my sinuses pounding, I’ve shivered with a fever, I have a deep hacking cough, and all I want to do is sleep. I am sleeping a lot! I don’t think that I have been this sick since before JJ was diagnosed with cancer. JJ said, “Maybe you should go to the doctor!” but I replied that all I have to do is follow the instructions the doctor gave JJ. They include drinking a hot lemon drink with honey and OTC sinus medicine. The only thing I don’t have is flonase (spelling?) but I don’t need that.

Thursday night EJ and I tried to put the ducks and chickens in their coop early so I could go to bed early. Usually I don’t shut them up for the night until the chickens go into the coop. They always settle themselves in their coop at twilight so all I have to do is count them to make sure they are all in and then shut their little door. The ducks are usually still outside at twilight, but they quickly waddle into their coop when I start to herd them. Well, although the chickens put themselves into their coop, they don’t go until they are good and ready, and they refuse to be “herded.” I waited inside the coop while EJ tried to nudge them into the coop, but they refused to go. So we had to give up and wait until twilight. As soon as they were settled down, I herded the ducks in and then went to bed.

It’s a good thing EJ has a few days off because he is coming down with the sinus infection. Hopefully he will be mostly over it by Monday. Mostly I am praying that his back stops hurting him. He has been in such agony.


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