Another Busy Day

My guys both stayed home from work again today.

EJ’s back was S-shaped, which means his back was complete out and he was in much pain. As soon as the pharmacy was opened, we went to pick up the prescription that his doctor had ordered for him. I told EJ that I was willing to go get it, but he wanted to go with me. I think that when people live with chronic pain or illness, they want to do as much as they can. While we were at the pharmacy, I asked about JJ’s prescription but I wasn’t surprised when I was told that it wouldn’t get there until early afternoon. I would have waited to get EJ meds so I could combined trips, but EJ really needed the medication asap.

We drove home and acouple of hours later, I was back on the road again. This time I insisted that EJ stay home and rest his back.

I went to TSC and bought a new duck pool. Actually it is a dog pool, but the ducks don’t know the difference.

Then I drove to the locally-owned farm store and bought some more Michigan Roadside Mix and Wildlife Habitat Mix seed. I am waiting for another rainy day before I scatter it about.

The I drove to the pharmacy to pick up JJ’s prescription. Our pharmacy is in a grocery store, so I picked up some bananas for EJ and another watermelon for the poultry. The pharmacy was in a different town than the feed/seed stores but I never mind driving around here in Northern Michigan because it is so beautiful with so many forests and lakes.

I would have picked up JJ’s medication first, before TSC and the farm store, but I know the way from the farm store to the pharmacy better than I know the way from the pharmacy to the farm store. That sound silly, but from the farm store I just have to keep driving straight–not turning on the road that leads home–until I get to the town. Once in the town, I can easily find the pharmacy. However, while I know which road leads home, I’m not sure exactly which road leads from the town to the farm store. People who are directionally challenged will understand this. Those who don’t get easily lost just have no idea what the world looks like for people like me.

Then I went home. I unloaded the suburban and took the new duck pool to their pen. I filled it up for them. I did see a couple of them in the new pool, but mostly they stuck to the old one. Ducks and chickens are really funny because they are so suspicious of anything new.

JJ took his medication and a bit later he said he was feeling much better. He’s still not completely well, but I suspect he will feel well enough to go to work tomorrow. Hopefully EJ will too. Poor EJ has been in so much pain. He can’t get comfortable anywhere.

Poor EJ has been in so much pain that he hasn’t been able to work on my lawn mower. The grass is getting longer and longer. If he can’t work on it this weekend, I am tempted to buy a mower. If he gets the old one going, we can always use it for back up–or two of us can mow the lawn at the same time and get it done double fast.

I was so busy today that I didn’t have a chance to take any photos. But here is a photo I took on May 11th. I pass this lake every time I drive to the farm store. I never get tired of it:


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