Down and Up

As soon as EJ left for work this morning, I walked up and down our long steep driveway three times. Well, actually I walked down and up, but it’s easier to say up and down. I came into the house and took my shower and ate breakfast, and then I went down and up the driveway three more times. A little later I went down to the mailbox, and I took an extra trip down and up for a total of two more times. That’s eight trips.

Chicken Shoes

It was quite cool this morning, but there was a clammy tropical feel to the air so I knew it was going to be a very hot day. The high temperature reached only 80 this afternoon, but it was so humid that I melted whenever I went outside. At times I could feel sweat trickling down my back. I took a lot of breaks in the living room with two fans blowing on me to cool off.

My beautiful happy yellow chicken shoes arrived in the mail. They are awesome. I will wear them whenever I am in the garden/chicken/duck pens. If they get all mucky, I can easily hose them off.

Frozen Chicken Treat

I made the chickens a nice treat by pouring some mixed vegetables into a bowl and freezing it. I put it in a bowl of water in the chickens’ outdoor pen and they keep cool by pecking at the ice to get the veggies. I didn’t make any for the ducks because I figure they can keep cool by swimming in their pools.

The drainage tile can be seen at the top of the driveway in this photo from April.

We installed drainage tile when we worked on our driveway our first summer at our new home. There was a length of it that has been sticking out of the ground at the top of the driveway. We had been planning to find some sort of basin to collect the rain water and funnel it into the tile, but we couldn’t find anything to use and I got tired of it sticking out of the ground, so this morning I cut it off, put the cap on the end remaining in the ground, and buried it. Then I carried stones to build a small dam to funnel the water into the tile. Good enough.

I also removed some of the boards from the pallets that were not good enough to to use in our raised garden. I want to use the boards to paint an Enchanted Forest sign welcoming wanted visitors and delivery people and warning people who come to sell us something to turn back. Actually, EJ said he would do the lettering for me.

In between working outside, I researched how to set up a e-store. It’s more complicated than I thought–but then things usually are. When EJ got home, I told him the results of my research and we discussed our plans.

After supper when the temps had cooled a little, we walked down and up the driveway twice. In totally, I made ten trips down and back again. I’m going to try to do that every day, if at all possible.

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