To See The World In A Grain of Sand…

Yesterday was a very cloudy, rainy day. The clouds were not dramatic storm clouds. They were gray, glowering clouds that dimmed the daylight, making it feel more like twilight. It rained off and on, sometimes lightly, sometimes heavily, but never pouring buckets. I took my umbrella when I walked down to the mailbox, which is a good thing because it started to rain heavier when I stepped out the door. I think my umbrella is beautiful, and I like walking in the rain, and I had fun taking photos of the scenery from underneath my umbrella. I am easily entertained.

EJ was invited to go fishing on the bay today with some guys from work. It was actually a company tournament involving teams on six boats. EJ decided to go, although part of him was a little anxious because you never know whether you are going to hang out with a group of really nice guys or be stuck on a boat with a bunch of jerks. At his company downstate, many of his co-workers went to the bar after work and EJ never cared to join them. I prayed all day that the guys would be decent guys and that EJ would have a lot of fun. I was relieved when he came home early this afternoon and said he had a great time. He brought with him a good-sized fish, although he says that it was small compared to the fish the others had caught. EJ had charged his camera to take with him, but then he forgot it. Bummer. I did get this photo of EJ’s catch when he got home. He was going to cook the fish tonight, but he got a late start so we decided to have fish for dinner tomorrow.

With EJ gone fishing and JJ at work, I had a very quiet and relaxing Saturday at home. I read, crocheted, and watched Netflix. Other than take care of the ducks and chickens, the most strenuous thing I did was walked down to the mailbox for the mail. Today it was very sunny, although there is a slight autumn coolness in the air. I have trouble remembering that it’s only mid-August because it feels more like September.

When I walk down the driveway, I sometimes focus on enjoying the wildflowers. Other times I focus on the birds, listen and watching for both familiar and unfamiliar birds. Sometimes I try to walk extra quietly to see if I can spot deer, turkeys, or little rabbits. Other times I pay close attention to insects. I take photos of anything beautiful, interesting, or new.

Today I focused on insects. I found a few interesting ones, like this one. I got two photos of it. I do not know what it is.

After awhile, I switched my focus to what I call “anthills,” although I am not sure if they are technically called anthills. We have these anthills all over our property so sometimes I imagine that our hill must be hollow with ant tunnels. I see large, medium, small, and teeny-tiny ants, as well as ants that are black, and some that are red, and even some that are both black and red.

Some of the anthills are built up quite tall. Today I stooped down to take photos of them. I thought they looked like miniature pyramids or tiny sculptures. I thought they were amazing.

I also took note of the pattern the rain made in the sand as it ran down the hill. I like seeing the beautiful designs in sand, or mud, or water, or fire. Like these, some of which I took today and some last summer:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I photoed the anthills today, a poem by William Blake kept running through my mind:

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”

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