A Burst of Sunbeam Glow

EJ was able to get Friday off as a vacation day! He spent the day painting primer on the kitchen walls while I did a bunch of odd jobs: laundry, mowing the lawn, reconfiguring the Christmas lights in the chicken coop, and so on. At the end of the day, we decided we ought to bring the house plants inside because the temperatures were supposed to plunge into the 30s. I keep the houseplants on the deck all summer and bring them in when it gets cold in the autumn. I think this is the earliest date I’ve ever brought them in.

When we first moved into our new house, our living room was an awful overpowering blue so at the first opportunity, I painted it a soft creamy buttery color. I also painted the bedrooms various light neutral colors. We also enjoy variety so none of our rooms are the same color. We wanted to paint the kitchen and bathrooms our first months in Northern Michigan, but I had to stop painting because we had to make repeated trips downstate to move more of our possessions and we also had to fix the severely eroding driveway.

Our red kitchen when we first moved in

Our kitchen was red when we moved in–well, actually until yesterday when EJ covered the red with primer. I didn’t like the red kitchen at first, but it kind of grew on me over time so it was tolerable. EJ never got liked the red color. Our old house downstate was very dark with narrow windows and lots of shady trees that didn’t let in much sunshine so we both really wanted to paint the kitchen a bright cheerful yellow.

Colors have a strong emotional affect on me. In fact, there has been studies into how colors affect moods and behavior; it is called color psychology. I’ve gone to doctor’s offices that were painted in blue or gray and those colors made me feel cold and anxious. I do not like cool colors; I love warm colors, the colors of autumn. My favorite color is yellow, but I do not like a pale yellow–like a banana peel or lemon sort of yellow. Pale yellow feels cold to me, like the sun without warmth. My favorite yellow is very vibrant and warm–more southwestern or Tuscany. Whenever I see my favorite yellow, I feel an extra burst of happiness.

We painted our kitchen in a warm yellow color. It is called “sunbeam glow.” It’s not easy to know how a color will actually look on a wall, but as soon as we began paint, we both exclaimed in delight. This color is just right. Every time I look at it, I feel a burst of happiness. The kitchen feels like a very happy place.

We kept red accents, which is just right without being too much. We have pretty curtains picked out but until we can buy them, we hung up some red crocheted curtains that I had made years ago for our old house. They are pretty, but they were made for smaller diameter windows and they are much too short. They are better than the white curtains that were in the windows before, and they are better than no curtains at all. EJ painted a few switch plates various colors so we could see what they looked like, and then we decided that we liked the red best so he is going to paint the rest of them. We put most of our pictures back up, and we got a lot of stuff put away, but the kitchen is rather chaotic still. We will finish up tomorrow. We are too tired tonight.

I tried to take photos, but none of the photos captures the happy, warm color of Sunbeam Glow. Most of the photos make the color look much, much too lemon yellowy. This photo probably is the closest to the true color.

We aren’t the only ones working on our home. Shelob also has been making a few improvements. We noticed that she installed a duck feather to camouflage the entrance to her lair. She can peek through the feather without being seen. She also reinforced her entrance with straw. Sometimes I wonder just how intelligent critters really are.

Shelob’s home improvements


4 Comments on “A Burst of Sunbeam Glow

    • Choosing a color is definitely not easy! Most rooms in our house either had intolerable colors or were scuffed up and really needed painting. I can’t wait now until we can paint our master bathroom!


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