October Dilemma

Madeline, our new outside cat, is settling in nicely. I don’t worry about her comings and goings now that I know that she knows where “home” is. I always know when she’s in the garage because when she hears me, she immediately pops up her head with a little mew and comes over for some lovings. Unlike Annie, who I often see wandering about in the yard, Madeline vanishes when she’s outside. I see neither hide nor hair of her. I only saw her outside once, a couple of days ago, when I glanced out the window and saw her on the deck. I opened the door to give her some lovings but as soon as she heard the door open, she ran into the forest. I called to her to see if I could lure her to me for lovings, but she never made an appearance. (The cat in the photo is Tesla, who died of old age a year ago. Madeline looks like her.)

While I was out calling to Madeline, I surprised a garter snake in the yard not far from the deck–and he surprised me! I had my camera in my pocket, so I took a couple photos and a video of him. He blended in so it was difficult to find him in the viewfinder. I had to locate him by finding a clump of tall grass or dead leaves near him to zoom in on him…only to find that he had moved. I was amazed at how quietly, quickly, and gracefully he moved through the grass. I don’t really like snakes, but I can appreciate their beauty if they aren’t too close.

Little Bear

Yesterday my morning was very quiet. I sat in my chair by the window wrapped in my blanket, drank coffee, and read a book. Little Bear fell asleep in my lap using my hand as a pillow. He looked so cute. My camera was across the room out of reach, but my laptop was in front of me, so I carefully took a photo of him using its webcam.

I spent the afternoon putting a few summer things away in preparation for winter: the patio table and chairs, the grill, our park benches. We won’t have too many more warm days to enjoy.

Today is my birthday. (My age is one year more than yesterday. 🙂 ) I wasn’t going to mention it except I have somewhat of a dilemma. We rarely do anything special on my birthday–I mean, on the actual day of my birthday. That’s because for quite a few years, my favorite birthday gift has enjoying a special day together making memories. On the weekend closest to my birthday–and sometimes on both the weekends before and after–we always go on a memory-making drive to enjoy the beautiful fall colors, spontaneously stopping along the route to do whatever strikes our fancy. Since we’ve moved to Northern Michigan (in 2015), we have driven through the Tunnel of Trees and along M-22, both of which are famous for their beautiful autumn drives. We’ve driven to Mackinaw City and dined at a restaurant within sight of the beautiful Mackinac Bridge, we’ve stopped along Lake Michigan to look for pretty rocks, and last year, after seeing a sign along the road, we stopped at a ski resort to enjoy a free chair lift ride to view the fall colors from above.

This year we plan to celebrate my birthday on Sunday since it’s supposed to rain all day Saturday. We discovered that a ski resort closer to home is offering chair lift rides. Theirs is not free, but they offer donuts and cider,so we plan to stop in. Other than that, I’m not sure what we will do. In this area there are so many beautiful drives, and nature trails to walk, and bird sanctuaries to enjoy, and many other interesting places. I keep changing my mind about which to go to. Wherever we go, I’m sure we will have a super time. I’m really looking forward to enjoying the day.

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables)


8 Comments on “October Dilemma

  1. Happy Birthday TJ and enjoy your special time together. Our son Paul will have special # “50” on Mon. the 9th, so Oct. is a wonderful month for many memories, love ya!!


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