Home Again, Home Again

Yesterday was a very beautiful day. When I wasn’t doing other tasks, I sat in my chair by the window and crocheted as I watched the leaves flying off the trees. Watching falling leaves fills me with joy. I just figured out how to add music to my Youtube videos; I think music describes how I feel when I watch the leaves.

We woke up this morning to the sound of rain…which quickly turned to snow. It snow all day, transforming the world into a wintry white wonderland. The wind picked up, swirling the snow around and causing the temperatures to plummet. I was glad that I could mostly stay inside our cozy home. I only went outside a couple of times to check on the poultry and cats, and to walk down to get the mail.

The chickens were wise and stayed in their coop all day. The ducks only left the coop to greet me when I went out to check on them. A small flock of chickadees flew up on the bird feeder poles, so I put out some suet for them even though I’m not sure the bears are asleep yet for the winter.

Madeline at home again

Madeline disappeared for almost a week and I feared the worse–that she had fallen victim to a coyote, fox, or some other predator. Annie and Josette stay up near the house, but Madeline likes to wander off into the forest. She is sometimes gone for a day or two, but never for this long. I was surprised and relieved this morning when I went into the garage to feed the cats and she greeted me with the other two. I gave her lots of lovings and divided up an extra can of cat food between the three of them for a special treat to celebrate. Madeline stayed with Annie and Josette in the garage all day today. I think that even she didn’t want to be out in the winter storm.


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