Madeline’s Surprise

I had an interrupted night of sleep.

First, I heard Hannah jump off the bed to welcome JJ home from work. I often wait up for JJ, but not if he gets home too late. Last night he didn’t get home until midnight. I’m rather glad that Hannah disturbs me when JJ gets home so that I know that he arrived safely.

I fell back to sleep and then woke when the fan suddenly shut off. We always have a fan on at night because EJ suffers from tinnitus and he can’t sleep when there is complete silence. He was awakened by the silencing of the fan as well. My first thought was “Oh, crap! We’ve lost our power!” But the clock was still on so I figured that a cat must have unplugged the fan–and I was correct. We got the fan plugged back in and the went back to sleep.

Hannah and Darth Luke

I woke a few more times when I tried to shift my position. It’s not easy shifting positions at night because we are wedged in with animals. Hannah sleeps near the foot of the bed. Kee-Kee sleeps on the pillow above my head. Often Timmy sleeps on top of me. I was aware that Little Bear was sleeping between EJ and me. The only inside animal that was not in bed with us was Luke, who still does not like Hannah. I often exclaim that Luke has gone over to the Dark Side of the Force. He doesn’t just hiss and occasionally swat at Hannah. He seems to delight in positioning himself where near Hannah and then hissing and swatting her. I tell Luke that we aren’t getting rid of him and we aren’t getting rid of Hannah so he is just going to have to adjust to her.

Hannah wants out.

This afternoon Hannah wanted outside–for the millionth time. Sometimes I suspect that she wants out only so she can get a treat. I’m trying to teach her to walk with me and to go to the porch on command, and she gets treats for doing so. If Hannah wants out too many times, I start telling her “No, no, I’m not taking you outside!” but she can be very insistent. She starts by sitting next to my floor staring at me and make low grunts, and eventually gets into my lap where I can’t ignore her.

Hannah got so insistent that I finally sighed, got up, and put my winter coat, hat, boots, and mittens on. I was putting the leash on Hannah when I noticed that Josette was outside on the porch. I thought, “This is not going to go well…” because they haven’t encountered each other before. I wasn’t sure how Josette would react. I shortened Hannah’s leash and opened the door. Josette was right outside the door, but she wasn’t scared of Hannah at all. She just greeted Hannah as if they were old friends, and Hannah happily greeted her, and everything was fine. Josette could teach Luke a thing or two about making friends.

Every afternoon I clean out the litter boxes–both in the house and in the garage. I swear that half of my day is spent caring for animals. Not that I mind. Yesterday I took my bucket out to the garage, scooped out the clumps in the litter box, turned around, and was scared half to death by the sight of Miss Madeline Meadows’ latest kill. She always brings her kills into the garage and puts them on the mat near her food bowl. I’m getting used to the various mice, voles, and shrews that she leaves there, but I was completely startled to find a large Fox Squirrel. Squirrels are quick and I’ve heard that they can be vicious fighters so I have no idea how Madeline managed to kill one. And it must have been quite a feat carrying the body into the garage when it’s almost as large as she is.

Miss Madeline Meadows, our sweet serial killer cat.

I like that Madeline is a good mouser, but I hate it when she kills squirrels or birds. Fortunately, she doesn’t kill many of them. Although I hate it, I figure that she’s doing what a cat naturally does–just as any predator does. I remember watching documentaries about various animals, and I always rooted for the animal being featured. If it was a mouse, I was glad that it had gotten away from the fox, or wolf, or hawk. If a fox (or wolf or hawk) was featured, I felt bad when its meal escaped and it went hungry. It’s a harsh world out there and everyone’s got to eat. Madeline doesn’t go hungry if she doesn’t catch her prey, but she is still a predator with a hunter’s instinct. And she does keep the population of rodents down. I’ve read that chickens sleep so soundly at night that mice in the coop will sometimes chew off their toes. That’s not good.

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