Magical Diamond Dust

Magical Snow

The sunrise this morning was gorgeous. The skies were mostly blue all day and the sunlight made the ground sparkle, as if the snow had been replaced with diamond dust. It was absolutely magical and I truly felt as if I live in an Enchanted Forest. I took many photographs, with different settings, but I don’t really know how to photograph magical diamond dust–or maybe magical things can’t be photographed. I was only able to capture a few specks of light instead of the whole glittery landscape.

People are always complaining about the cold, Northern winters or bragging about their tropical weather. I have nothing against people who love the warmth of the South, but I’m glad that I live in the wintry North where the air is brisk and the snow sparkles in the sunlight. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Hannah Joy’s coat

Hannah’s new coat arrived in the mail today. I haven’t gotten a coat for a dog since I was a child (and my dog immediately escaped and “lost” it) but I bought this for Hannah because she had been starved by her previous owners and had no fat to keep her warm. It took several weeks for the coat to arrive because it came all the way from China. I didn’t realize that when I ordered it. I was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t fit her, but it fits just fine and is actually of better quality than I thought it would be, especially since I paid less than $20 for it.

Hannah didn’t seem quite sure of it when I first put it on her, but she’s getting used to it. I think she looks like a proper Michigan dog in her Nordic coat–and I hope it will keep her warm on our cold winter days.

Eight deer came to our feeders today. They always arrive in the late afternoon when I’m busy making supper so I can’t sit and enjoy them as much as I would like. They usually get spooked by my movement, but I got to observe them for a few minutes.

Early this morning I finally brought myself to get rid of Miss Madeline Meadow’s dead squirrel. It was gross because she had been eating it. I tried not to look too closely at it when I scooped it up with a shovel and threw it out near the edge of the forest. This afternoon when I walked through the garage to go out and shut the poultry in the coop for the night, I saw that Madeline had brought the tail back inside. She was gnawing on a bit of flesh that was still attached to the tail. Yuck.



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