A Patch of Ice

First, JJ had his oncology appointment today and he is doing great. All the medical test results are wonderful.

Me? I’m not doing so well.

It snowed overnight. We got just enough snow to hide the ice. This afternoon I took Hannah with me to walk to the mailbox to get the mail. About halfway down the driveway I slipped on a hidden patch of ice. One moment I was on my feet and the next I was on the ground in excruciating pain with a useless left hand. I felt as if I had broken my wrist. It took me forever to get to my feet because I had to keep hold of Hannah’s leash–she got excited when I fell–but I couldn’t use my left hand at all. I got to my feet and all the way up the hill I felt like fainting and vomiting. I finally made it into the house.

Fortunately, EJ has been home sick this week. I don’t know what I would have done if I had been alone. As soon as I got into the house I yelled to him for help. He grabbed a bag of frozen okra to Ice my wrist. He had bought it several years to try it, but we had never eaten it before and never actually had the courage to try it. He got me into the suburban–not easy because I still felt as if I was going to faint or vomit. He rushed me to the hospital.

I had four x-rays. The technician had to re-position my hand for each x-ray because I couldn’t move my hand. Later the radiologist told us that I had fractured the radius bone in my wrist and jammed the bone forward. He said that I would need to have a pin put in. He contacted a specialist, sent her my x-rays, and I have an appointment next Tuesday to put the pin in. Meanwhile I have a split on my arm. I have to keep my hand elevated and iced, and I have drugs for the pain, which isn’t bad unless I move my hand.

Everyone laughed at our bag of okra but they all said that, hey, it works. EJ told them we were going to take the okra  home and feed it to our chickens.

We were told that half the people who have been coming to the hospital have the flu and half are coming with broken bones because they fell on the ice.

So now I am at home. The guys will have to do a lot of my chores. I went out with them this evening to direct them on how to care for the poultry.

I want to share this with you all so you know why I am not going to be posting as frequently as usual. I will try to keep you updated but can only type one-handed.

I  told EJ that after I  get the pin in, I will practically be a cyborg. He said that that wasn’t true but I think it would be cool to be a cyborg.

4 Comments on “A Patch of Ice

  1. Broken bones are rough, sorry for your accident and you have our prayers and love. Heal well my dear friend.

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  2. TJ – I’m sorry I missed this post … I was very busy at work during the day and evening the past three days and just coming up for air now.

    As I scrolled down through “Reader” I saw your last post and had to find out what happened. How terrible, and, this is why snow and ice stop my walking regimen as I, too, am afraid of falling, and breaking a bone.

    There goes not only the blogging, the chicken feeding but finishing your scarf as well.

    At least JJ got a good report – that must have put a smile on your face anyway. (Trying to be glass half-full.)

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    • This does restrict my life. It’s easy to forget how wonderful it is when our bodies work right. I am very glad JJ’s oncology report was good and thankful that I didn’t fracture my right hand.

      I’m really hoping none of us gets the flu, and especially not before the surgery. It would be awful if my bones healed wrong.

      It is good to hear that you are being wise about walking. Falling on ice isn’t fun.

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      • (JJ’s report takes some of the pain of your hand away, and, yes, you are lucky you didn’t land on your dominant hand.

        I went on errands yesterday morning … I don’t like driving in the snow, and there was some yesterday, but we are getting a big storm this weekend (3-6 inches), so wanted to get out and get a few things done, then hunker down most of February. I have to go to the allergist for shots once a month but that is nothing big … dust, mold and hayfever and been getting shots for years. But I figure, I work from home and am not around alot of people, so I zipped around and got some groceries and back home – Meijer sounded like a sick bay with coughs, sneezes. I was glad to be back home. Yes, try to keep the flu away so you can get that surgery and proper healing to begin. I have a pair of lug-soled boots and don’t wear the walking shoes if there is any ice, and now I’ll be even more reluctant to walk outside after hearing your ordeal. A couple of weeks ago it was a sheet of ice on the side of the house and driveway … I go outside every morning to start the car as I don’t drive it enough (work from home, car is a 2009 model and have only 4,750 miles on it). I have a trickle charger but need to at least drive it several times a week and start it every morning. I’ll think twice if ice is that bad at the side of the house again (I have to go outside to access the garage). I have a pair of YakTrax from when I took the bus for years. I’d pop them on to run around.

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