During and After

I survived my surgery. It was done at a surgery center, not the hospital. Apparently, they specialize in surgery. It is a very modern facility.

Happy Slippers

I was so glad EJ was with me. I appreciate and trust JJ taking me to the other medical appointments, but EJ had the maturity, experience, authority, and love to a be the patient advocate I needed while getting. Plus, EJ was able to pay our bill and help with dressing before and after surgery. I never could have manage to tie the hospital gown behind me without his assistance. I liked the socks the gave me to wear. they were called, “pillow paws” and they had a happy face on the bottom. I told EJ that I had happy feet. After surgery, I held up a foot and asked EJ if my feet were still happy. He said they were.

The nurses and surgical staff were all very kind and caring. I made sure they were aware that I was nervous and that I have been known to faint so they could be forewarned. The last thing I wanted was to suddenly faint and maybe injure myself further. They all promised to take good care of me–and they did.

One moment I was lying on the table in the operating room, and the next I was being wheeled through the hallway to the recovery room. The nurse kept asking me about my pain level and putting more pain medication in the IV until I told her my pain level was at 3. The Anesthesiologist had told me before the surgery that he would put a numbing med in the IV to deaden pain. It worked. I couldn’t feel my fingers for the rest of the day.  They didn’t even feel as they belonged to me. My pain so far has been less than what I’ve felt over the last week. I don’t know what the pain will be like when the surgery meds wear off. I don’t want the pain to have a chance to become overwhelming. so I plan to take the full strength prescription meds for a couple of days before cutting them in half (as suggested). I figure I was given pain meds for a reason, and by golly I’m going to use them!

When I went to the hospital ER after I fell, I was told to keep my arm elevated and iced. My bandages/splint were so thick that I couldn’t feel the ice and I didn’t know if it was doing any good. The recovery nurse at the Surgery Center explained that keeping my arm elevated prevents the blood from rushing into my arm, which reduces pain. She said that because my bandages are so thick, it’s better to put the ice pack on my arm above the cast. The ice will slow blood flow going into my arm. and reduce pain and swelling. This info is helpful.

We read in the patient info that I needed to have someone stay with me for 24 hours after surgery. We asked the nurse how important this was because EJ needed to decide whether to take another day off work. She said that it would be totally fine for him to go to work…as long as I didn’t plan to drive or use power tools. I exclaimed that that was a bummer because I had absolutely planned to use power tools the day after surgery.

My only concern about being alone today is how to handle Hannah Joy. Not only will EJ be gone all day, but I knew JJ was working today and he usually works 10-12 hour shifts. This means that at some point I would have to get Hannah outside. I’m not sure I could manage it. My concerns grew when we got home yesterday. Hannah was very difficult. She wouldn’t calm down. She constantly grunted, growled, barked, or pawed–her methods of communication–for attention. EJ took her outside, gave her extra food, played with her, and petted her countless times but she wouldn’t calm down. I had to be constantly on guard to prevent her from pawing me or bumping into my arm. (I also had to watch that one or other of the cats wasn’t stepping on my arm on their way to my lap.) I realize this has all been upsetting to Hannah. She hasn’t had any walks since I’ve injured my arm, I’m sure she got lonely while we were gone for so many hours, and no doubt she sensed that something was wrong with me. However, I was exhausted after a week of pain, sleeplessness, and then surgery, and I was very groggy from the lingering anesthesia. It was very frustrating and stressful to have to handle Hannah and not be able to have peace and be able to sleep.

So imagine my utter relief when JJ came home and told us that he didn’t have to leave for work today until 2 p.m. He will be able to take Hannah outside for me so I don’t have to attempt it. And then EJ will be home for the weekend.

I decided to sleep in my chair last night. I thought I’d be able to keep my arm elevated better and protect my arm from the pets more. However, I couldn’t get comfortable and the recliner bounced every time Hannah jumped on/off the footstool. I finally said “Screw this!” and I went over to the couch. Hannah settled quietly (finally!) on the couch at my feet and I slept well until 3:30 am. I’ve been awake since then but hope to nap as soon as I can take more meds. It’s almost time for more. I can’t sleep if I am in pain. Hannah is calmer today–at least so far

On a different note, JJ came home Wednesday night with his 90 day work review. He got almost perfect marks–I think he has a score of 96 out of a possible 100. I think the decrease was due to the state of the desk–crumbs and such–which all employees are being marked down for because the desk is shared. JJ is really excelling at his job. After 2 months of employment, he was just promoted to SGT. He said he is actually taking on the responsibilities of a lieutenant–making work schedules and training new employees–so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets promoted again soon.

Oh! It’s time for more drugs…and hopefully a nap.

3 Comments on “During and After

  1. You did well TJ and able to write this long post so soon after surgery … look outside at the snow and have a snooze or two or three … help is just a few steps away.


  2. Thinking of you TJ and hoping you’re progressing and not in as much pain. Thought of you this morning. We’ve dealt with this 9.2 inches of snow here in my neck of the woods and yesterday morning we had freezing rain. I went out and shoveled while it was freezing rain as we were supposed to be getting between 2-4 inches. This morning I looked out the door – it had snowed, but not as much as predicted – got out there – a glaze over all the snow – couldn’t shovel it, could barely walk on it – shuffling, taking baby steps and happy to be back in the house. I was careful before – more so now because of your tumble.

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