We had a bit of rain on Saturday night and strong winds through Sunday afternoon. We had just a bit of rain–not like the flooding rains that areas were getting in southern Michigan. It’s interesting living in a forest when the winds is strong. The trees wildly sway back and forth, and sometimes they creak, squeak, or come crashing down. I always imagine upset Ents–or strange creatures like sasquatch, especially at night when I take the dog out.

Temperatures are warming up. They are climbing into the high 30s, the 40s, and even occasionally into the 50s during the day. Our snow is rapidly melting and we have more bare ground than snowy ground. Our neighbor’s property on the hill across the road is still mostly snow-covered, but they are on the north side of the hill and don’t get as much sun. I’m enjoying the more Spring-like weather but I remind myself that it’s only February so we could still get measurable snow.

With the ice disappearing, I’m thinking that maybe I can begin letting the poultry out of their coop in the mornings, as long as EJ can make sure their water buckets and food buckets are filled the night before. They are too heavy for me to handle. I might also be able to walk down to get the mail as long as I don’t take Hannah. However, I’ve slipped even in the summer on loose gravel, so I’m a little nervous about that. I really don’t want to risk falling and messing up my arm even more.  I never used to worry about falling. Now it’s a concern.

The winds were  swirling last autumns leaves around and Hannah chased them when I took her out on Sunday morning. She is such a cute dog with a strong personality. She likes being involved in everything. When EJ kisses or hugs me, she runs up for lovings too, and she always, always wants to play–and eat. When she doesn’t immediately get what she wants, she grumbles and growls, which looks and sounds fiercer than she actually is. When the cats wrestle, she runs in to break it up. Here are a couple of videos of her:

We really need to get Hannah into the vet to get spayed and I’ve noticed a lump on her belly that has me a bit concerned. Our vet is in the same little town as JJ’s girlfriend so we have discussed the possibility of him dropping Hannah off to get spayed, spending the day with his girlfriend, and then bringing Hannah home later. However, JJ has limited days free, and right now I need him to be able to take me to the doctor. The vet has said that we have several months to get Hannah spayed before she goes into heat again. However, I would like to have the vet look at the lump. EJ said that I could drop him off at work so I would have the sub to take Hannah to the vet, but I seriously do not feel up to driving–especially in traffic–with a mostly useless arm.  And Hannah is not particularly calm in the car. I have doubts about handling her alone in the car when I have two good arms, I really don’t think I could handle her with just one. It’s frustrating to have limitations of both not having transportation and not having two working arms. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get Hannah to the vet. I’m thinking that we can postpone getting Hannah fixed and if I can get an appointment for Saturday for the vet to look at the lump, EJ could drive us.

Sunday morning EJ and I went grocery shopping at our little local store. Besides buying groceries for us, we bought a few things for JJ as a housewarming gift. We bought basics that he might not think of getting–such as flour, sugar, salt and pepper, laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels, storage and trash bags, etc. We are also giving him extra stuff from home if he needs/wants it. We have a few extra dishes he can have, as well as an old kitchen table and one of our living room recliners.  We want to keep EJ’s great granny’s bed and the antique dresser that JJ has been using since we’ve moved here, but he can take the mattresses that were on his single bed downstate. It’s kind of bittersweet that JJ is moving out. It’s a fun/exciting adventure but a strange new step, a new season,  for us all.

JJ wasn’t expecting to be able to move until about mid-March so he’s not quite prepared to move in this Wednesday. He doesn’t have all the necessary rent. It’s my understanding that his roommate has to move out of wherever he’s living soon so he can’t really delay moving into the apartment. We can help in some ways, but we will not help JJ with rent or his monthly bills. We have our own bills and expenses to pay and cannot help him financially–especially now with our medical bills, taxes coming due, and stuff. We also think it’s important that JJ learns about expenses and budgeting. We’ve told JJ that he can live here while he goes to college, but if he is adult enough to move out, he’s adult enough to pay his own bills. JJ is smart. He and his roommate can figure out the initial rent shortfall problem.

I think that learning about budgeting and caring for a home is vital. This is a good time to learn these things while he’s on his own. It would be tougher if he had a family to be responsible for.


3 Comments on “Seasons

  1. Hannah sure is a live wire – that wind was just incredible yesterday wasn’t it? We have three beautiful days and March comes in like a lion – snow, 2-4 inches predicted!


    • Yeah, Hannah is a handful, but we totally adore her.

      Did you get any flooding? I know there was a lot of rain and flooding in southern Michigan. We’ve only had a little rain here, and not much snow. I’m loving the Spring-like weather!

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      • She looked sweet in the videos – she has personality!

        We had bad flooding here in SE Michigan. My house/street was okay, because we got a new sewer system in 1990, but had problems before though and we had some bad flooding during a bad storm in 1969, but i understand that there is going to be some type of strange weather event on Thursday. Depending on how the set-up plays out, we either get 2 inches of rain on Thursday, or about 1 inch, then followed by slushy snow. This weather has been so crazy this season!

        I am loving this nice weather too. I’ve racked up some walking miles the past four days, and today, I got home about 9:30 and it was so nice, I hated to come inside. The sun was out, and the birds were singing away in the Park where I walk, little downy woodpeckers were pecking away – felt like a Spring day. And the sun getting up earlier and setting later is a real big plus as well.

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