Spring Fever

The snow and ice outside the coop

Last night I told EJ that if he would make sure the ducks and chickens had plenty of food and water when he shut them in the coop at night, I thought I could let them out in the mornings. EJ is always short of time in the mornings. Mostly what has stopped me from letting the poultry out before now is the slippery icy path to the coop. Most of our snow/icy has melted, but the path is still icy because it is on the north side of the house. I successfully opened the coop this morning. I made sure to do it while EJ was still here in case I ran into problems, which I didn’t.

The temperature was in the high 50s today. Whoo hoo! We could get snow on Thursday, but Winter won’t last forever. Spring is approaching.

I have a touch of Spring Fever.

If I hadn’t injured my arm, I would be out rolling up the chicken fencing that I had put around the deck to keep Miss Madeline Meadows, our sweet serial killer cat, from stalking the birds at the feeders. The fencing didn’t work because the deer trampled it when they came to eat from the feeders but, hey, it was worth a try. I’d also be dismantling the snow fence along the driveway. I’d be putting away the sleds and setting up the patio table on the deck. But all those tasks are beyond me right now.

So instead I took Hannah Joy for a short walk around the house. I don’t trust Hannah to be outside unsupervised and unleashed, but if I could find the long chain we used when we took Danny camping, I would tether Hannah outside so she could enjoy the fresh air. I assume it’s somewhere in the garage. When I got Hannah back inside after our walk, I went back out to the duck pen. The ducks have been playing in the dirty melted snow in their little pool. I dumped out the water, dragged the pool closer to the gate, and dumped several buckets of clean water in it. I can’t manage to fill their drinking buckets because it takes two hands and more control. However, I can fill a bucket with water and carry it to the pool with my good hand. Then I just put the bucket in the pool and knock it over. I didn’t put much water in the pool, but as soon as  I finished, the ducks got into it.  They love–and need–water. With the nicer weather, both the ducks and the chickens have been going outside their coop. It’s fun looking out our bedroom window and watching them play.

JJ officially signs his lease for his new apartment tomorrow–and, yes, we will help him out, even though we said we wouldn’t.  But when he really needs some help, we are there. He tried to figure out how to pay the initial rent himself but couldn’t come up with it so when he asked for help, EJ and I silently communicated with each other with looks–in the way married couples can–and said we would help. We want him to be able to accomplish his goals and dreams. We have lent him money when he didn’t quite have enough for a college semester. We put it on a credit card which he then is responsible for paying off. It’s rather a risk for us, but so far he has been very good at paying it every month.

I asked JJ what his plan is for moving and how we can help. He said he doesn’t know. I don’t think he has packed a single item. The few times I moved from one place to another, I was completely packed by moving day. In fact, the last time we moved, I began packing the house as soon as EJ got a job here in Northern Michigan. He stayed in motels and looked for a house while I stayed in the old house packing and caring for the pets. Anyway…I figure that this is JJ’s move and he gets to do it his way. We will let him tell us what help he needs. But today when I did laundry, I set aside a few old towels, wash cloths, dish towels, dish cloths, and hot pads for him if he wants them.

I have so many mixed feelings about this new stage of our lives. I feel so thrilled for JJ because I think it’s an exciting adventure for him. And I look forward to the adventure EJ and I will have together as JJ moves on. On the other hand, it’s also an ending and I feel a little weepy about it. The bad thing about having only one child is that we experience the emotions of the first child leaving home and the last child leaving home all at one time.  I also am feeling kind of old now without a child at home.

JJ called me on his way home from school today to ask if I’d get his waiver form ready to hand to him as soon as he pulled in. He was going to his girlfriend’s and wanted to drop the form off at the police station on the way. He is going to go on ride-alongs with the sheriff a few times. I read the form while I waited for him. It stated things such as he is required to stay in the police car during traffic stops, and if the officer had to go to  dangerous situation, JJ would be dropped off in a safe place and another officer would be called to pick him up. The form said, “I understand that there is a risk of severe injury or death….” because, of course, despite precautions, a situation could become unexpectedly dangerous. When I handed the form over, I told JJ, “Please don’t have any severe injury or death when you do this.” That would totally suck.

This Monday I go to the doctor to have my cast replaced with a splint. The doctor said this will be a custom splint and will take about an hour to put on.  I do not know how this splint will differ from the previous splints that I had put on in the ER after I fell and then after the surgery. I wonder how they will put it on me? I wonder how flexible it will be? I wonder how long I will have to wear it? I guess I will find out. I hope I don’t faint again. That’s no fun.

9 Comments on “Spring Fever

  1. That little duck looks so cute in its swimming pool. I was at Heritage Park last Summer – it is in Taylor and part of it is a petting farm. They had chickens and ducks and the ducks were in a blue swimming pool that looked like that one – they were splashing and having a whale of a time.


      • I like watching the ducks at the Park where I walk – sometimes they will all be paddling along and next thing you know half a dozen of them are quacking their heads off. I’ve never been around chickens, but sometimes I see animal stories on the internet about people who have them as pets, and they will go to the bus stop and wait for their owner every afternoon after school. Like Lassie. 🙂


      • We have six ducks. The ducks always make me laugh.

        We have 9 chickens–3 roosters and 7 hens. I never realized that chickens had such distinct personalities until I was able to get some. They always run up to me when they see me. Our alpha rooster takes good care of his flock. When I hand him a treat, he takes it from me and then drops it on the ground for the hens. 🙂 We have one hen who is always the first to try something new, and another who chatters ALL the time. I really enjoy them.

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      • TJ – I recently started following this girl’s site. I think it popped up in Reader one time when I was reading your blog. So, I went back a few posts and found this post … if you don’t already follow “Red Dirt Farm” … check out the photos of her dog and the chickens. 🙂 I would love to be like both of you –
        in a rural town, away from the City.


        Liked by 1 person

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