Oh, Spring, Where Art Thou?

I rode into work with EJ this morning so I could have the suburban to drive myself to physical therapy later in the afternoon. I was a bit stressed because I haven’t yet regained confidence in being able to drive after fracturing my hand. My stress level wasn’t helped by the forecast, which warned that we will get 12-18 inches of snow through tomorrow. Worse yet, there is/will be periods of rain mixed in which will no doubt freeze into ice. Oh, Spring, where art thou?

On the way to EJ’s company this morning, just on the other side of the town nearest us, we passed many emergency vehicles at the site of an upside-down car in the ditch. That didn’t relieve my concerns about driving. However, EJ was dropped successful off at work, and I made it home safely with no problems.

An hour before I was going to leave for my occupational therapy session, I inexplicably felt that I should check my therapy schedule and I discovered that last Thursday, the day I had to cancel because I couldn’t get the suburban started, had been my last. I was so bummed! I felt as if I wasn’t yet ready to be finished with therapy, and that I had missed out on the benefits of one last session, as well as any last instructions.

I called the office to make sure I wasn’t expected today or that I wasn’t supposed to schedule more sessions. The receptionist did scheduled a session for next Monday after my appointment with the hand surgeon (it’s in the same office) in case the doctor wants me to have more. She said I can cancel if the doctor says that I don’t need more.

So….I wouldn’t have had to drive EJ to work this morning, but since I did, I had to go pick him up. We had had some rainy snow during the afternoon, but the roads weren’t bad. However, after I arrived at EJ company, it started to snow really hard. I had about a 30 minutes to wait for EJ’s shift to end. I spent the tie reading a book, watching the snow, and mesmerized by the snow sliding down the windshield like a wintry Tetris game. It doesn’t take much to entertain me.

Although I was bummed about the ending of therapy, I am a bit relieved that I don’t have to make any more trips to the city this week, with the snow and all. And although I was like, ugh, I wouldn’t have even had to attempt to drive in the snowstorm today, I enjoyed riding along with EJ, and I loved seeing the bay. Today the bay was shrouded in a fog of falling snow so we couldn’t even see the other side, and the blue-gray water was churning. I took this video as EJ drove us home:

After we arrived home, EJ drove the HHR to a nearby auto shop for repairs so we can give it to JJ. I followed in the suburban him to take him home after he dropped the car off.

Although I kept misquoting to myself “Oh, Spring, Where Art Thou!” whenever I saw the snowy landscape, in reality it was very beautiful. I’m not sure there is anything more beautiful than a snow-covered world. Here is a video and some photos of the view outside our house:

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