In The Midst of the Storm

Beautiful snow-covered world.

I slept in late this morning, and while I slept EJ did most of my morning chores for me, which I thought was incredibly kind.

I opened my eyes to a beautiful snow-covered world. I also woke up to no Internet. A couple hours later we lost our power. EJ hooked up our little propane heater, and we were toasty warm all day.

Cozy, quiet, and peaceful

We felt totally cut off from civilization. We read, napped, and watched the weather outside the window, feeling very cozy. It was very quiet and peaceful. At some point in the night we had had freezing rain, but it snowed through the day. There was a gusty wind that swayed the trees and blew the snow around.

Wild birds feasted at our feeders, and I saw a line of turkeys walk through the yard. EJ said he saw a deer at the feeder early this morning.

In the afternoon, EJ turned on his battery-powered radio so we could hear weather reports and see if the world had ended while we were peacefully disconnected. The DJ was not panicky, so the world was still out there.

About 5 p.m. I was surprised when our power suddenly came back on. I had expected it to be out for several days. I was also surprised that we got an Internet connection. Our Internet is sort of weird because there is a line of about five littletowers privately owned by individuals that are between us and our provider. Our neighbor across the street is one of those individuals. If one of those towers goes out, we lose our connection.

When I took Hannah out, I measured the snow on the patio table with a ruler. We have about 9 inches of snow. Other areas have a lot more. Here are a couple videos I took of the storm outside the window:

We are expecting another wave of the storm to hit tonight and continue through tomorrow. The National Weather Service says:

Another round of heavy, wintry precipitation will overspread northern Michigan from SW to NE late tonight into Sunday morning, continuing through the day. This will include more of a mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow across northern Lower and mainly snow across eastern Upper. Significant accumulations of heavy/wet snow expected across eastern Upper and significant accumulations of ice expected south of M-72. Travel will become very hazardous, and additional power outages are likely.

I quickly wrote this post in case we lose our internet and/or power again. 

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