Mixed-up Storm

Two days after her after her spay/hernia surgery, Hannah Joy was acting like her normal self. The vet said we have to try to keep her from running or jumping for ten days while her incision heals, which isn’t easy because she is exuberant and irrepressible. I pretend to complain that it’s a bit unfair that my dog is back to normal within a couple days of her surgery while I’m still dealing with recovery more than two months after my hand surgery. Of course, in reality I’m glad that Hannah-Banana is doing so well.

JJ dropped by yesterday to pick up some more of his possessions. When JJ saw Hannah, he asked, “Why is she wearing a t-shirt?” I told him it was because Hannah was our daughter. He said, “Ok, really, why is she wearing a shirt?” I replied that the vet had told us that if Hannah starts to lick her incision–which she is doing–we can put an old t-shirt on her to prevent it. She looks rather cute in it. EJ put his hat on her for a photo. However, I had to take the shirt off her today when she began to eat it.

I faithfully do my four pages of hand exercises four times a day. It sometimes feels as if the majority of my day is spent on the exercises, but I work hard at them because I want to restore mobility in my hand. In some ways it feels as if progress is slow. My hand still feels a bit sore, swollen, and uncomfortable, and it stiffens between sessions of exercises. However, I notice my hand feeling stronger and I am able to do more tasks with less awkwardness, so I’m getting there. Slowly. Not quickly like Hannah.

I am thinking of buying another shelf like this for the closet.

Today I organized the library, which had gotten a bit messy while I was dealing with my injury. It looks really nice and organized now, which lifts my spirits. I’m thinking about buying another shelf to put in the closet to further organize it. I already have one shelf that holds my yarn.

I drove the Xterra to the grocery store this morning to pick up a couple items. JJ had been driving our Xterra for several years to go to school and work. If I wanted to go anywhere, I had to wait until JJ was home, which was seldom. Most of the time I planned errands so EJ and I could go together in the Suburban. After JJ moved out, we fixed the fuel line on the HHR and gave it to him, which means that we have the Xterra back in our “stable.” I’m so enjoying the freedom of having transportation whenever I want it.

A major winter storm began moving into Michigan this afternoon. The storm is supposed to last through the weekend. I’ve heard we could get quite a bit of snow, or maybe freezing rain and ice, and wind. Earlier today I saw rain, snow, sleet, and graupel, and I’ve heard a few rumbles of thunder. At one point I saw it snowing hard while also hearing the tap-tap-tapping sound of rain on the roof, which was really weird. The National Weather Service for our area says that the winds and heavy snow will likely cause power outages. I’ve heard that roads could become hazardous or impossible to travel on.

It sounds as if mid-Michigan will get a lot of freezing rain and ice. I think the dividing line between snow and ice is quite close to us here in the north. I’m really hoping that we get more snow than ice because ice is much more dangerous.

When we took Hannah outside for the last time tonight, it was snowing. Now I hear rain tapping on the roof again. Yuck.

EJ and I are just going to hunker down this weekend. We have a propane heater handy in case we lose our power. We will stay warm, and we can cook our food on a camp stove. We have flashlights, lanterns, and candles for light. I hate losing power but, meh, we will do ok. We won’t be able to connect to the Internet, but we have hundreds of books in our library.

This winter sure has been wild with numerous thaws and snows.

2 Comments on “Mixed-up Storm

  1. We’re dealing with high winds and lots of rain, probably ice later on and we are staying in, no need to get out. Thinking of you and praying you stay safe.


    • Praying you stay safe too!

      We lost power for most of the day, but we enjoyed the quiet. It finally came on, but we are expecting to be hit with another wave of storm tonight.


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